39 or 40) Dearest Diamond, what is imprinting on you?
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Happy 2022 you guys. I realized something as "irrelevant" as how I clap my hands together is as a result of something I copied from an older person when I was much younger for absolutely no reason at all.  She imprinted on me.  What are the things that have subconsciously imprinted on us over our lifetime? What are the things imprinting on us in this very moment that would outrightly form who we become and the character traits we have 10/20/30 years from now? Stay present because that's the only way to stay aware. Plan Plan Plan. Its your journey. Episode 39 or 40 is all cosy and shii. Get you a glass of your favorite and just indulge. D cares!
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“”I realize when I’m in a crisis , when I have “f****d up” , my response is “You f*****g idiot, How could you? Of course! What did you expect?” If I spoke to my friends like I used to speak to myself, I would have no friends. So, if you do...
Published 05/13/22
At the bane of our existence is a level of “selfishness” as to the reasons we do what we do. I had a premonition about this one 😁. Listen and enjoy. Love, D
Published 05/05/22