Dearest Diamond, “Feel you. Kiss you. Love you.”
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“”I realize when I’m in a crisis , when I have “f****d up” , my response is “You f*****g idiot, How could you? Of course! What did you expect?” If I spoke to my friends like I used to speak to myself, I would have no friends. So, if you do talk to yourself out loud, and I do, make sure the words are Loving, Supportive and Nourishing. Start the work of being your own best friend. “” -Wentworth Miller. This week I bring you these words from the star of the movie series Prison Break. I hope it touches you were you need the most healing and leads you on the path to Loving yourself once again. Love, D. #loveyou #kissyou #feelyou #smellyou #beyou
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At the bane of our existence is a level of “selfishness” as to the reasons we do what we do. I had a premonition about this one 😁. Listen and enjoy. Love, D
Published 05/05/22
Remember to find your centre and to be thankful. There's so much to be grateful for.
Published 04/22/22