Hannah and Evan shoot the shoot about games, being in the weird middle space of a project almost being done, and launching lucrative YouTube careers.
Published 05/27/21
Hannah and Evan talk about the quest to thrive in the shadows of the world's most popular RPGs. An episode about how to compare *every* roleplaying game to the big ones, for the good.
Published 04/06/21
Hannah and Evan discuss the trials and tribulations of offering a "deluxe" version of a game on Kickstarter. How do you balance the quality, the complexity, and the pressure to compete with mass-produced games?
Published 03/16/21
We sold out of Questlandias, and have decided to revamp it for the next print run! We talk about returning to our first game with both appreciation for what it is, and an intention to improve it.
Published 02/02/21
We talk about what makes a game's scope big or small, why Q2 has taken so long, and all the projects we've made in the meantime.
Published 01/12/21
We talk about how we've redesigned the structure of our workday, because boundaries around work are important even when—and ESPECIALLY when—it's work you love.
Published 09/28/20
We sit down for an unplanned recording of Design Doc when Evan says something sad.
Published 07/31/20
In this episode we talk about completing a project that made us our own worst bosses and what it's like coming back from burnout.
Published 05/07/20
Its purpose, the act of creation. Its destiny, unknowable. Today's episode is about a bike on skis.
Published 03/31/20
Published 03/31/20
Character creation in Questlandia 1 lasted two hours. Character creation in Questlandia 2 is five minutes. What changed?
Published 12/17/19
The junk poets are changing again. This time, maybe in a spoooooky way.
Published 10/22/19
Questlandia 2 is a campaign game with no Game Master. Without a designated person in the GM role, that responsibility must be distributed among all players. We talk about how the Junk Poets can support every player in the GM role.
Published 08/23/19
Questlandia 2 has been delayed. Now, we're releasing an entirely different RPG first. We talk about—and try not to apologize for—how timelines and business have to adapt to design difficulties.
Published 07/24/19
We asked on Twitter what you wanted to know about running a roleplaying game Kickstarter. Now, we're answering your questions. From self-promotion to self-care, what to say when there's nothing to say, and pretending we know anything about taxes.
Published 06/18/19
We try redesigning Noirlandia, one of our other roleplaying games, in one hour!
Published 05/21/19
Who are the Junk Poets and what do they add to Questlandia? We go over what we know, what's still missing, and how they could make a GMless game easier to play!
Published 04/16/19
We've finished the first two playtests of Questlandia and something is still missing. In this episode we talk about how to hone in on the emotional core of the game. What stories does this game want to tell and how do we make sure it tells them?
Published 03/13/19
After playtesting Questlandia's new kingdom and character creation, it's time to test some scenes! Bartholomew the anxious city planner and Quincy the cast out justice-bringer will have to make some hard choices. Choices that begin with a cat and end with a geological anomaly.
Published 02/21/19
Welcome to Kingdom Knot, where our people keep vigil over the void at the edge of the world. Something has emerged from that void—a creature for which we have no words, of which we have no memory. For now, we will call it...a "cat."
Published 01/31/19
Alanna Shaffer joins us to talk about how, even when telling made-up stories, we can be aware of biases in the way we talk about history. Whose stories get told? Whose get left behind? And what's our responsibility to our fictional worlds?
Published 01/11/19
Why are our worlds turning out horrible? After playtesting at Metatopia, we talk about how the framing for worldbuilding can exaggerate societies to cartoonish levels. Maybe we can learn from the original Questlandia?
Published 12/12/18
It's Trans Awareness Week. A short bonus episode about trans allyship, education, and creating better gaming spaces. Trans Awareness Week: https://www.glaad.org/transweek The Trans Language Primer : https://www.translanguageprimer.org/
Published 11/19/18
We talk about acknowledging—and embracing—the inherent politics of game design. Intro music credit. New Ages 1 from Little Big Dog Ears. http://opsound.org/artist/littledogbigears/ http://opsound.org/info/license/
Published 11/06/18
In September we met for a mini Questlandia retreat. We talked about how our intentions for the game have shifted in the current political landscape and introduced an unfolding guidebook that will sit at the center of play.
Published 10/04/18