Bonus Episode: Justin Timberlake, Eighteen Banners, and Ghostwriter Grandstanding
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This week in the After Party, Jake talks boring versus exciting news, charitable organizations, this week's DISGRACELAND episode on OJ Simpson, and of course your emails, texts, DMs, and voicemails. What charitable organization benefiting victims of drunk driving should Jake donate to? Which three disgraced athletes would you team up with for your fantasy charity golf tournament? Where were you when OJ Simpson was leading police on a chase in his white Bronco? Drop a line at 617-906-6638, [email protected], or on socials @disgracelandpod, and come join the After Party. To hear an extended version of the After Party with a story about OJ's ghostwriter and his connection to the murder case, and more from the DISGRACELAND community, become a Disgraceland All Access member at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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