The legendary Raising Cane's, the classic McDonalds, the scarce Fazoli's: see where the boys rank these and many other fast food spots!
Published 08/08/22
Published 08/01/22
Mark whips up a new timed gamemode where Bob and Wade race to Google topics. The slower they take to find their topic, the more points they get deducted and added to the winner's pot...
Published 08/01/22
The boys play Hot or Not: Bucket List Edition, plus share some of their personal Bucket List items.
Published 07/25/22
The Aladdin Exception, Ghost Kitchens, Snowden & The NSA: today the guys dive deep (but hopefully not too deep) into some of their favorite conspiracy theories.
Published 07/18/22
Bob shares the story of Sir Hugh Beaver, while Mark and Wade fight to find the most shocking and disturbing World Records.
Published 07/11/22
Mark leaves things up to chance in this new game-mode.
Published 07/04/22
Bob and Wade trade stories about summer injuries, while Mark shares a story about... um, Penis Man?
Published 06/27/22
Wade creates a new point system pitting Bob's laughter against Mark's laughter.
Published 06/20/22
The guys play a game of "Morals OR No Morals?" and end up focusing on the latter...
Published 06/13/22
Mark and Wade play Daddy, teaching little Bob life lessons in only the ways they can.
Published 06/06/22
Labyrinthian healthcare services, customer service "assistance," and unobserved restaurant reservations: today the guys rant about getting screwed!!!
Published 05/30/22
Those times where rage and annoyance get transformed in the most interesting and productive of ways. Show 'em who's boss!
Published 05/23/22
In this new episode format, Judge Wade lets listeners in on his special point system, but leaves Mark and Bob in the dark as they scramble to collect as many points as possible.
Published 05/16/22
Junk food, the Scary Movie franchise, The Fall of Slenderman, sometimes things are so bad that they come back around to being good.
Published 05/09/22
The 10th Planet, tic-tac ships, and tardigrades, today the guys launch into the great unknown to discuss potential evidence for life elsewhere in our universe...
Published 05/02/22
Today the guys discuss fears of things yet to come... Plus, Mark tries to keep Wade on topic.
Published 04/25/22
Completing "In Space with Markiplier,” bad auto-tune TikToks, nostalgic games by The Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium, today the guys dive into what gives them a serotonin boost.
Published 04/18/22
Inspired by the previous Distractible episode “Hill I Will Die On,” the guys scour the subreddit (r/distractible) and discuss listeners’ most upvoted hills to die on. Visit the Distractible Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/distractible/
Published 04/11/22
Wade wonders where he and the guys got their confidence, while Mark and Bob share their tips and tricks for public speaking and dealing with self-doubt. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
Published 04/04/22
Bob hosts while Wade reveals his secrets for Cincinnati Bengals' success and Mark theorizes how compulsions might come from “the simulation.”
Published 03/28/22
Quitting jobs, sneaking porn, having a run-in with the police, today the guys chat about times they upset their parents.
Published 03/21/22
The guys reminisce about hilarious, chaotic, and pet-related memories. Prepare for poop pick-up!
Published 03/14/22
Prepare for a lot of hot takes...
Published 03/07/22
Love them or hate them, we live in a world of advertisements. Today the guys discuss nostalgic commercials, the psychology behind ads, and how they approach recording their own.
Published 02/28/22