Published 07/04/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Scott Johnson from the Frogpants network back to the show to discuss all of the third party games featured in Nintendo's latest Mini Direct, Niantic's inability to repeat the success of Pokemon Go, Halo Infinite's co-op Beta, God of War Ragnarok maybe not delayed, and more! The Playlist: Hardspace ShipBreaker, Grim Dawn, Metroid Fusion, Ghost of Tsushima, Fall Guys Season 1, Shedder's Revenge, The Looker Parting Gifts!
Published 07/04/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Chris Bergman from Gylee Games back to the show this week to discuss a new consortium designed to figure out the future of the Metaverse, Creative Assembly's newest game announcement, Overwatch 2 subsuming Overwatch, and more! The Playlist: Neon White, Magic the Gathering Arena, Horizon Forbidden West, Brok the Investigator, Metal Hellsinger Parting Gifts!
Published 06/27/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Brendon Bigley from the Into the Aether podcast to the show this week to talk about the announcement of Dragon's Dogma 2. the huge Final Fantasy VII 25th anniversary stream, a director for the Gran Turismo movie, and more! The Playlist: TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, Neon White, Fire Emblem: Three Hopes demo, Poinpy, Citizen Sleeper, Omori, OlliOlli World VOID Riders, PSPlus PS3 games Parting Gifts!
Published 06/20/22
Jeff and Christian are joined once again by Anthony Taormina from Gamerant to discuss the biggest week in gaming. The Microsoft Summer Presentation blew the doors off with over 30 new games, and the PC Games Show added just as many more! The guys give their opinions about everything they can possibly fit in the show, including Starfield, Forza, Flintlock, Diablo 4, Kojima Productions, Sonic Frontiers, Redfall, and so much more!
Published 06/13/22
Jeff, Christian, and Lana discuss the 2022 Summer Games Fest Kickoff Show, hosted by Geoff Keighley. Over 30 games shown off, spoiled reveals, world premieres galore... but was it good? This special episode of the Patreon-exclusive bonus show is being released to all DLC listeners for free!
Published 06/09/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Joseph Moran from the PS TrophyRoom podcast back to the show to discuss everything from the newest Sony State of Play, including Final Fantasy XVI, Street Fighter 6, Callisto Protocol, and so much more! Plus, new Sonic Frontiers footage. The Playlist: Uncharted 3, Streets of Rage 4, Diablo Immortal Parting Gifts!
Published 06/03/22
Jeff and guest co-host Lana Bachynski from Riot Games are joined this week by Adam Leonhardt from Megadads to talk about Sony's big push for Playstation franchise TV shows, Respawn's big annnouncement at Star Wars Celebration, Raven Software's vote to unionize, and more! The Playlist: Anno Mutationem, Gran Turismo 7, Fortnite, Metroid Dread, Valorant, Spirit Hunters Infinite Horde VR Talk: Moss Book 2 Tabletop Time: Veiled Fate Parting Gifts!
Published 05/30/22
For some reason, the last several minutes of episode 444 cut off, so here is what was missing. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Published 05/24/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Will Schulz from MegaDads to the show this week to discuss accessibility options on God of War Ragnarok, EA looking to sell or merge, the Marvel Snap announcement, and more! The Playlist: Final Fantasy XIV, Little Witch in the Woods, ElecHead, MultiVersus, V Rising, Soundfall Tabletop Time: Wingspan, Villainous, 5-Minute Marvel Parting Gifts!
Published 05/23/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Miles Dompier from Windows Central back to the show this week to discuss the huge news that both Starfield and Redfall will not be releasing in 2022. Plus, Gotham Knights gameplay, and tons of interesting independent games in Nintendo's Switch Indie Showcase. The Playlist: Evil Dead: The Game, Rogue Legacy 2, Steam Deck, Arkham City, Dorfromantik Parting Gifts!
Published 05/16/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Kat Bailey from IGN back to the show to discuss her reporting on Nintendo of America, the sale of three big studios by Square Enix, Fortnite payable once again on iOS and ANdroid, Blizzard's new mobile Warcaft, and more! The Playlist: Elden Ring, Steam Deck, Sifu, Trek to Yomi, Vampire Survivors,Loot River VR Talk: Meta Quest 2 for new owners Tabletop Time: D&D streaming Parting Gifts!
Published 05/09/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Anthony Taormina from Gamerant.com back to the show this week to discuss Microsoft's announcement of an E3-timed press conference, Sony's mandate to provide game demos to Playstation Plus Premium subscribers, the official Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 announcement, and more! The Playlist: Rogue Legacy 2, Nintendo Switch Sports, Bugsnax DLC, Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe, Steam Deck, Teardown Parting Gifts!
Published 05/02/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Paul Tamayo from FanByte to the show to discuss rumors of old games joining Sega's Super Game initiative, Uncharted's co-creator back on a Star Wars game, Ghostbusters coming to VR, news from PAX East, a reveal of a new WoW expansion, and more! The Playlist: Gran Turismo 7, Elden Ring, Advance Wars (GBA), Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers Edition, Resistance 2; inFamous, Vampire Survivors Parting Gifts!
Published 04/25/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Ben Hanson from MinnMax back to the show to discuss Hello Games' next project, Sony's $1 billion investment in Epic, new subscription models from Nintendo and Sony, and more! The Playlist: Playdate, Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition, Kirby and the Forgotten Lands, Gran Turismo 7, Vampire Survivors VR Talk: Moss Book 2 Tabletop Time: Time Barons, Avodaco Smash, Uno Flip Parting Gifts!
Published 04/18/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Joseph Moran from The Trophy Room, A Playstation Podcast back to the show this week to talk about the Kingdom Hearts 4 announcement trailer, what the release of Unreal Engine 5 means for the industry, the surprise Return to Monkey Island announcement, and more! The Playlist: Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Elden Ring, Fortnite No Build Mode, Dead Cells (ios), Demeo PC, Weird West, Patrick’s Parabox, Vampire Survivors Parting Gifts! Support the show by...
Published 04/11/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Nich Richardson from Back Pocket back to the show to discuss no E3 at all in 2022, Sony's combination of PS Plus and PS Now NOT being called PS Plow, a big delay for the next Zelda game, and more! The Playlist: Weird West, Patrick’s Parabox, Norco, Kirby and the Forgotten Lands, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, Vampire Survivors, Predator NES Parting Gifts! GET NEW DLC MERCH AT https://dlcpod.creator-spring.com
Published 04/04/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Andrea Rene from What's Good Games back to the show to discuss the announcement of a new game in the Witch franchise, a new studio acquisition by Sony, and more Prince of Persia and Immortal games from Ubisoft. The Playlist: Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, Elden Ring, Kirby and the Forgotten Land Parting Gifts!
Published 03/28/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Alex Murrell from the Midwest Podcast Network back to the show this week to discuss the new game announcement from Supermassive Games, The Quarry. Gran Turismo 7 pricing kerfuffle, Sony's Hogwarts Legacy State of Play, and more! The Playlist: Tunic, Elden Ring, Horizon: Forbidden West, Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2, Will You Snail Parting Gifts!
Published 03/21/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Lana Bachynski from Riot Games back to the show to discuss the Overwatch 2 beta announcement, all the announcements from Sony's latest State of Play, and a proposed God of War TV show at Amazon. The Playlist: Horizon Forbidden West, Geoguessr, Destiny 2 The Witch Queen, Steam Deck, Young Souls Parting Gifts!
Published 03/14/22
This week, Daanish Syed from Respawn joins in to discuss his journey from not enjoying Souls games, to loving Elden Ring. Then, Jeff and Christian weigh in with some extended Parting Gift thoughts on The Batman, Our Flag Means Death, and ASMR Chess. For more awesome bonus content like this, support the podcast at patreon.com/dlcpod
Published 03/08/22
Jeff and Christian welcome the co-producer of the Sonic the Hedgehog movies, Dan Jevons, to the show this week to discuss Amazon Luna coming out of Beta, Halo Infinite co-op delayed again, rumors of new games in the Sly Cooper and Infamous franchises, and more! The Playlist: Destiny 2: Witch Queen, Gran Turismo 7 VR Talk: Lone Echo 2 PLUS: Special BONUS CONTENT! Christian and Alex Sulman debut their side project, Feeling This.
Published 03/07/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Managing Editor at Gamespot, Tamoor Hussain to the show to discuss the big Street Fighter 6 reveal, the suprise Pokemon Scarlet and Violet reveal, and rumored PS Plus and PS Now combo service pricing tiers. The Playlist: Elden Ring, Steam Deck, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Parting Gifts!!
Published 02/28/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Vice President at Naughty Dog, Arne Meyer, to discuss the Bioshock movie at Netflix, a shut down of WiiU and Nintendo 3DS eshops, updates on Dragon Age 4, Dead Island 2, and Skull and Bones, and more! The Playlist: Horizon Forbidden West, Olli Olli World, Sifu, FFXI, Dicey Dungeons, Griftlands, Darkest Dungeon, MLB The Show 22 Tech Test, Lost Ark Support the show and get special perks by visiting patreon.com/dlcpod
Published 02/21/22
Jeff and Christian welcome Jeff Grubb from Games Mess and Gamesbeat to the show this week to discuss all of the games announced at Nintendo's latest Nintendo Direct, including Mario Strikers Battle League, DLC for Metroid Dread, Fire Emblem Warriors – Three Hopes, Nintendo Switch Sports, and more! Plus, what's next for Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed franchises. The Playlist: Horizon Forbidden West, Vampire Survivors, Mina the Hollower, Metroid Prime Parting Gifts! SPECIAL...
Published 02/14/22