Published 09/18/23
Listen to this show to sell more domains. On today’s show, Squadhelp founder Darpan Munjal shares data and ideas for how to sell more domains. One of the datapoints was so impactful that I changed the prices on about 50 of my domains after recording this interview. We talk about domain pricing, how to get […]
Published 09/18/23
A fun discussion with an early domain buyer. Have you ever passed up acquiring a domain only to kick yourself later? This week’s guest can probably one-up you. Jeremy Padawer had the opportunity to buy x.com for $10,000, only to have Elon Musk beat him to it. On today’s show, Jeremy tells the story and […]
Published 09/11/23
A look at the top end of the domain market in 2023. On today’s show, DNJournal publisher Ron Jackson joins me to talk about the domain name market so far in 2023. We compare the sales charts vs. last year and run through the top public sales of 2023. We also discuss some trends in […]
Published 09/04/23
Identity Digital’s CMO and CRO talk top level domain names. Identity Digital operates more top level domains than any other company, with over 270 new top level domains, including .info, .pro, .live and more. On this episode, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Rachel Sterling, and Chief Revenue Officer, Matt Overman, talk about the business and […]
Published 08/28/23
John Berryhill shares some of the risks of “time-structured arrangements.” Attorney John Berryhill returns this week to discuss some factors people should consider before entering into a lease-to-own (or similar) domain transaction. He also talks about what brokers should do when a buyer mentions a trademark or makes a threat about trademarks during negotiations. Also: […]
Published 08/21/23
Joe Uddeme shares the story of selling max.com. Joe Uddeme of NameExperts joins us this week to talk about the deal for max.com, which HBO acquired as part of its rebrand to Max. Would it have gotten the domain had Uddeme not pitched it to the company? We also discuss the challenges of Whois privacy […]
Published 08/14/23
Why this company rebranded to Featured. Before Brett Farmiloe started his business that gets experts quoted in articles, he reached out to the owner of featured.com about buying the domain. It was clear Brett couldn’t afford the domain, so we went with a decidedly less appealing domain: terkel.io. While the business is successful, the domain […]
Published 08/07/23
How my domain investing year is going. Two months ago I did a solo episode where I covered my domain sales through May of the year. Today, I give an update on my results since then. I also explain what I’m doing with lease-to-own at Afternic, what I’m doing for sales landing pages, and how […]
Published 07/31/23
Kate Buckley discusses LTO deals and the state of the domain market. This week we catch up with Kate Buckley, founder of Buckley Media. We discuss what’s going on in the market and talk about lease-to-own, or long term payment deals on domains. With Afternic adding LTO capabilities, we discuss some of the things you’ll […]
Published 07/24/23
Lessons to help you in domains investing and business. It’s been 10 years since Bill Sweetman launched Name Ninja. Since then, he’s helped countless companies acquire domains to launch new products and brands. On today’s show, Bill talks about many of the lessons he’s learned. These lessons are relevant to entrepreneurs, domain investors, corporations, and […]
Published 07/17/23
The ins and outs of brandable domains and BrandBucket. BrandBucket is perhaps the oldest brandable domain marketplace, and it was started on accident. Founder Margot Bushnaq explains how it came to be, why trendy keyword domains can be bad for marketplaces, and how the market for brandable domains has changed over the years. It’s a […]
Published 07/10/23
How CentralNic grew into a large domain and advertising company, and why it’s shifting its approach to M&A. CentralNic (LON: CNIC) is one of the most interesting companies in the domain name space. It started as a third level domain registrar but has grown into a behemoth in the domain registration and online advertising space, […]
Published 06/26/23
Hear from 11 people who attended NamesCon. NamesCon returned to Austin earlier this month. It was a fun show running in conjunction with CloudFest USA. On today’s program, you’ll hear from 11 people who were at NamesCon. We discuss AI, women in domaining, top domain brokers, and much more. Sponsor: Sell your domains with Sav.com […]
Published 06/19/23
A deep dive into how my domain portfolio is performing. On today’s show, I explore my domain sales results so far this year. I discuss the marketplaces where I’ve sold domains, where I bought the domains, and how many have been developed. I also run through the three platforms where I’m buying domains. It’s been […]
Published 06/12/23
How Artificial Intelligence will change domain names. Have you played around with any AI-powered domain generators? They’re surprisingly good. On today’s show, Ryan McKegney, CEO of DomainAgents, comes on the show to talk about the impact these tools and AI might have on the domain business. DomainAgents has its own AI domain generator that you […]
Published 06/05/23
Listing domains for sale is about to get easier. It might be difficult to remember, but there was a time when aftermarket domain name transactions were much more complex. If a buyer in China wanted your domain, they had to go to the landing page where it was advertised for sale or find it in […]
Published 05/29/23
Get ready for next week’s live domain name auction. NamesCon is next week, and that means it’s time for another live domain name auction. On today’s show, Monte Cahn of Right of the Dot discusses what goes into planning a live auction, some of the names he’s excited about, and what he thinks about the […]
Published 05/22/23
Ryan Maltbie scored another great domain for his business. Ryan Maltbie returns to the podcast to talk about his latest domain acquisition, BBQs.com. Ryan was on the show a couple of years ago discussing how he acquired BBQgrills.com and the importance of the domain to launching his e-commerce business. Today, he explains the circumstances of […]
Published 05/15/23
Andrew Miller discusses some recent big domain sales. On this week’s show, I talk with Andrew Miller, managing director of Hilco Digital Assets. I had no idea how diverse and large Hilco was, and Andrew explains the role Digital Assets plays in the company. We also discuss the rationale behind the company’s $10M investment in […]
Published 05/08/23
Here’s what to expect at this month’s conference. It’s hard to believe, but NamesCon 2023 takes place later this month! On today’s show, Soeren von Varchmin tells us what to expect at this year’s event. We discuss the parallel CloudFest conference, some sessions you won’t want to miss, and the future of NamesCon. Also: UDRP […]
Published 05/01/23
Is it time to cash in? Last week I gave a talk at MicroConf in Denver titled “Should you sell your business?” Many DNW Podcast listeners have started businesses they might be interested in selling. On today’s show, I discuss the reasons you might want to sell your business and some alternatives to cashing in. […]
Published 04/24/23
Joe Styler talks about what’s going on with auctions and the aftermarket at GoDaddy. There have been a lot of changes on GoDaddy’s aftermarket platforms this year. Joe Styler, a product manager for aftermarket, joins us today to talk about some of them. We dig into improvements in the auction experience and he provides some […]
Published 04/17/23
Escrow.com’s CEO has good news about the domain name aftermarket. On today’s show, I talk with Escrow.com and Freelancer.com (FLN.AX) CEO Matt Barrie. While the end of last year was slow for domain sales, Matt has some great news about the start of 2023. We also discuss the latest about Escrow.com and dig into Know […]
Published 04/10/23
Here’s what Squadhelp plans to do with its big investment. Domain name and naming marketplace Squadhelp announced a $10 million investment from Hilco Digital last month. On today’s show, Squadhelp CEO Darpan Munjal talks about what this means for domain sellers. He also explains how the company is leveraging AI to sell more domains, and […]
Published 04/03/23