Warren and Art prep for RADwood NorCal as Lane gets ready for Island life.
Published 07/18/24
Published 07/18/24
Ali joins the crew to talk about his luxury SUV buying/owning experience, selling the MK1 Escort and more.
Published 07/11/24
It's Hot, but our little slivers of land by the coast are staying cool as ICE. We talk about weird food, F1, DWA! Morning Motors, and much more. Thanks to all our listeners and supporters over the past 10+ years. Don't forget to rate and review the show wherever you listen...we are told it helps something.
Published 07/04/24
Warren drives to Yosemite with his family in their new Mazda CX-50 and Lane does a private track day at Sonoma Raceway in his Porsche 981 Boxster S. All this and more on this episode of the DWA! Podcast.
Published 06/27/24
We answer questions from you, the listeners, and Warren's wife buys a brand new car.
Published 06/20/24
Art and Warren both bought new cars, Warren has e36 updates and Lane drove his '65 Beetle.
Published 06/13/24
Art sold his Skyline on Cars and Bids, and we have news on the BMW X5 accident...all this and more on this episode of the DWA! Podcast.
Published 06/06/24
Art's BMW got hit, and his Skyline is on Cars and Bids. Warren went camping and we have a BMW E36 Update. All this and more on this episode of the DWA! Podcast
Published 05/30/24
Warren and Lane are joined by Dante and Ryan of Beeline Motor Club to talk about the DWA! Classic Rally and much more.
Published 05/09/24
10 years, 825 episodes, and we're still doing it. This podcast has introduced us to some amazing people and provided some awesome opportunities. Thanks for the last 10 years!
Published 05/02/24
Warren Sells His BMW E30 After 19 Years!
Published 04/18/24
Nic Cuarta of Beeline Motor Club is back to fill in for Art, who is on special assignment at sea.
Published 04/11/24
We are all together in the same room for the first time in a while. Skyline watch is in full effect, Art's Honda powered E30 will be on the DWA! Classic Rally, and Lane and Warren have project car updates. We also answer some listener questions, and end the show with some trivia.
Published 04/04/24
While Lane is in NYC, Art and Warren talk about poor customer service, the DWA Classic Rally, what could have been with French cars in the US, Time Out Dolls and more.
Published 03/28/24
On this episode we announce the next DWA! Rally, talk about Gandini's greatest hits, and answer some questions from our listeners.
Published 03/21/24
Lane's back from New Orleans and all three of us have project updates. All this and more on this episode of the DWA! Podcast.
Published 03/14/24
Published 03/07/24
Warren and Art talk about cars.
Published 02/29/24
This episode of the DWA! Podcast is Ice as Ice! Fresh off his will at the F.A.T Ice Race in Aspen, CO, we have Ali Javidan (@racingali on Instagram) on the show to talk about Ice Race and much more. Thanks for listening!
Published 02/22/24
Art is on assignment, so it's just Warren and Lane holding down the fort. We have project car updates, Lane went to Yosemite, and we answer questions from the listeners. Enjoy the show!
Published 02/15/24