I was scolded by mother.
Published 09/18/17
I’m late.
Published 09/11/17
No, not really.
Published 09/04/17
Have you ever sung Japanese songs?
Published 08/28/17
I'm glad.
Published 08/21/17
I'm lost.
Published 07/31/17
What is your recommendation?
Published 07/24/17
Please go up the stairs, and go to the right.
Published 07/17/17
They are sleeping.
Published 07/10/17
May I throw away waste here?
Published 07/03/17
I like novels.
Published 06/26/17
When did you come to Japan?
Published 06/19/17
Please come, by all means.
Published 06/12/17
Is everyone here?
Published 06/05/17
From what time?
Published 05/30/17
Once more, please.
Published 05/23/17
Are there cream puffs?
Published 05/16/17
What is your telephone number?
Published 05/09/17
They are my treasures.
Published 05/02/17
I'm home.
Published 04/25/17
Where is a restroom?
Published 04/18/17
What is this?
Published 04/11/17
I'm Anna.
Published 04/04/17