Thank you very much for everything.
Published 03/19/18
To be a Japanese language teacher is my dream.
Published 03/12/18
I'm happy to be able to see snow, before I go back to my country.
Published 03/05/18
Happy Birthday!
Published 02/26/18
After you eat Japanese cakes, you drink powdered green tea.
Published 02/19/18
Why do you think it is?
Published 02/12/18
I wonder which is the most delicious.
Published 02/05/18
I was able to go to the campus festival, and it was fun.
Published 01/29/18
My head throbs.
Published 01/22/18
I think you have a cold.
Published 01/15/18
Published 01/08/18
I watched Mt. Fuji, ate sushi, and so on.
Published 12/25/17
I have to study.
Published 12/18/17
Can I use a credit card?
Published 12/11/17
It's tender and delicious.
Published 12/04/17
I'll give it to you, Anna.
Published 11/27/17
I like futons better.
Published 11/20/17
I'm already 82 years old.
Published 11/13/17
I want to take pictures a little longer.
Published 11/06/17
When we look at it close by, it's big, isn't it?
Published 10/30/17
Welcome to Shizuoka.
Published 10/23/17
Who is getting married?
Published 10/16/17
Let's do our best next time.
Published 10/09/17
Get under the desk.
Published 10/02/17
Please don't use them.
Published 09/25/17