Ep. 60: Iceicles on Your Face (The 1996 EVEREST Disaster PART 2)
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Part 2! We are back this week to finish the unfortunate story of the mountaineering disaster, known as the 1996 Everest Disaster. The tragic and awe inspiring story of the people who survived, and endured beyond the impossible, on those fatal few days on the mountain. We all want to honor the people of tragic stories and what they went through to survive, and this particular disaster lies in most people's recent memories as an event to mourn and learn from. Plus, you can watch the movie! Remember those turn-around times and take care out there! Links mentioned in this episode: Music courtesy of Alexander Nakarada This podcast is hosted by [ZenCast.fm](https://wwww.zencast.fm
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Published 12/14/21
Published 12/14/21
PART 1! Woah, hey adventures! Welcome back to EVEREST! This week, we talk about the climbing tradgedy well-known around the world as the 1996 Everest Disaster. Kelsey breaks down the the huge and devastating story of everyone on the mountain that day, and their stories leading up to the disaster...
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