Published 04/10/22
The mouthpiece of God, the limitless well, is ready for you this Sunday. Tune-in to the International Online Sunday Service today.
Published 04/10/22
Do listen to what the mouthpiece of God has to say on the anointing for the end-game. Everyone can start but it is the finishing which lets most people down. And that is exactly what the man is on about today. Don't you dare miss him!
Published 04/03/22
The Mouthpiece of God continues to be his enigmatic self. What does he want us to finish that would need an anointing to accomplish? Join us tomorrow as he takes us on a journey that promises to be a marvelous one!
Published 03/27/22
It is now apparent that the Mouthpiece of God is relentlessly pushing for your financial success and will not stop until you testify! Today he takes the series a notch higher. Don’t miss this for anything!
Published 03/20/22
The Mouthpiece of God brings another dose on the Spirit of Money. Life's most chased-after product is more spiritual than you think! You have grasp its concepts in order to have it and enjoy it. 
Published 03/13/22
The series continues…Blessed is he that hears! Tune in to get deeper revelations!
Published 03/06/22
The series continues. This time around, you will get hold of the principles of the spirit of money to an extent that it (money) will have no option but to come to you!
Published 02/27/22
Get ready for another dose of the definition of the spirit of our medium of exchange. Listen as the Mouthpiece of God explains it for your benefit. Remember, the better you understand it, the easier it will be to access it!
Published 02/20/22
If you get the definition right, you can be sure to succeed. Join the Mouthpiece of God as he touches on a subject that exempts no one!
Published 02/13/22
The Mouthpiece of God answers few of the questions on what he has covered so far on Warfare Defined. Tune in.
Published 02/06/22
Tune in for the Friday service as our Prophet brings the word.
Published 02/04/22
Get ready! The battle lines are being drawn. Tune in to the continuation of the series.
Published 01/30/22
Tune in for the Friday service as our Prophet brings the word.
Published 01/28/22
Published 01/23/22
Tune in for the Friday service as our Prophet brings the word.
Published 01/21/22
Join the Prophet of God as he helps us to properly define ourselves. It is only when you know who and what you are that you can unlock your full potential. There's never a better way to start the year!
Published 01/16/22
The Voice takes us deeper into our theme for the year. Do not miss him for anything as these foundational teachings are of paramount importance if you are to call the year, Your Year!
Published 01/09/22
Tune in to hear the word from the mouthpiece of God for the year 2022!
Published 01/01/22
As we get ready to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Tune-in and enjoy what the Lord has prepared for us.
Published 12/19/21
Join the Prophet of The Most High God as he delivers yet another dose of Heaven-ordained messages for our spirits. Do not miss this one.
Published 12/12/21
Join the mouthpiece of the Most High God as he takes us on a mission on how to engage a formula that never fails. Don’t miss him as he shares the secrets of the formula that has brought him success.
Published 12/05/21