Rachel Weiss came to China five years ago after graduating from university, and during her time here she's visited more than 30 spots around the country, from the massive modern cities of Beijing and Guangzhou to remote mountain villages in Guizhou and Hunan.
Published 11/26/20
Rachel Weiss is a travel blogger from the United States who has been writing about her experience of living and working in China over the past five years.
Published 11/19/20
Following her performance in the Hollywood blockbuster 'Crazy Rich Asians', Jasmine Chen's 'velvet' voice, and her unique fusion of musical styles that's reminiscent of Shanghai's 1930s jazz era, has captured the attention of audiences around the world. (*music courtesy of Jasmine Chen)
Published 11/12/20
Jasmine Chen is a jazz singer and songwriter based in Shanghai. Listening to her songs, it's hard not to be impressed by her sultry and soulful voice. "That’s Shanghai" magazine once described her performances as "presenting the audience with a classical and exquisite beauty".
Published 11/05/20
Raymond Zhou is known to the Chinese public as a film critic, but he prefers to define himself as an interpreter of cultural differences.
Published 10/25/20
In a 2012 Los Angeles Times article, a reporter said that Raymond Zhou was the closest thing China had to a Roger Ebert, the Pulitzer Prize winning American film critic.
Published 10/20/20
Raymond Zhou started out writing reviews of Hollywood films in the early 2000s, when he had a column on the hugely popular web platform NetEase. His casual and witty style soon won him a loyal following.
Published 10/13/20
Shi Yan holds a doctorate in agriculture business and management from Renmin University of China. But she prefers to be called a ‘new farmer’ rather than an academic. Over the past 12 years, she has worked in organic farming in a Beijing suburb, growing vegetables without the use of pesticides, and distributing them to consumers in the city.
Published 09/30/20
Shi Yan is a pioneer and promoter of China’s community-supported agriculture movement, or CSA for short. In 2009, she set up one of the first farms in the country where consumers could buy organic fruits and veggies directly from the producers.
Published 09/29/20
Despite having almost no experience working in the theatre industry, Yang Jiamin gambled her own savings to set up her production company and introduce classic musicals to Chinese audiences. Looking back at the risky decision she made eight years ago, she said it was one of the craziest things she has done in her life.
Published 09/22/20
Yang Jiamin describes herself as a “rational idealist”, something the musical producer and CEO of Seven Ages Production hopes all of her staff will become. When I sat down with her at her office near the iconic Poly Theater in Beijing, I found myself sitting opposite a practical dreamer.
Published 09/10/20
Cui Rui has tried combining Chinese stories with Hollywood screen writing techniques in his films, making the most of what he learned from growing up in China and studying in the United States. This multicultural life journey has led him to pay more attention to themes like self-identity, culture, and belonging.
Published 08/30/20
Cui Rui still remembers his first visit to a cinema. The 8-year-old was shocked by the rich combination of images, music, and sounds he experienced and the strong emotions they conveyed to the audience. This encounter planted the seed of a dream in filmmaking, which came to fruition through years of hard work.
Published 08/24/20
"Quarantine pounds" has become a hot topic on social media, and as life slowly returns to normal, people are looking for ways to drop the weight they gained when they were stuck at home. Chris Cordner, who is a certified personal trainer, shares his personal experience doing workouts at home during quarantine. He also gives us some tips and strategies to help keep you and your loved ones healthy.
Published 08/16/20
Chris Cordner traveled to China from the United States for the first time in 2011 as an exchange student from the University of Maine. He was so impressed by the booming economy and the job prospects he found in Beijing that he was determined to come back. Two years later, he was accepted into a graduate program at Tsinghua, one of China's most prestigious and influential universities. Although he was a student of international relations, Chris found a fulfilling career path in the fitness...
Published 08/09/20
Ling Hui is serving as the secretary-general of the YouChange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation. Over the past decade, she has been promoting social innovation and focusing on ways to improve poverty alleviation work in China’s rural areas.
Published 08/02/20
Ling Hui has been involved in the not-for-profit sector for about 15 years. She started volunteering for an NGO in Beijing in 2005 while she was a graduate student at the University of International Business and Economics. One of the programs she signed up to provided training to leaders of the hemophilia association. Through this experience, she met face to face with hemophilia patients and heard their stories. This experience completely changed Hui's career goals, and she switched from...
Published 07/27/20
Among the 42,000 medical workers supporting Hubei Province, more than half of them are women. In the early days of the lockdown of the provincial capital Wuhan, all kinds of essential supplies were organized for medics, but traditional conservative views about women’s health meant that some essential were neglected. But soon a volunteer team called "Stand by Her" emerged. When Lei Di learned about the difficulties Wuhan’s female medics workers were facing, she joined the team of volunteers...
Published 07/05/20
When the city of Wuhan was locked down in an effort to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, thousands of volunteers stepped up to help get medical supplies to hospitals, to buy and deliver daily necessities to senior citizens, and to offer mental health support online to people struggling with the intense emotional strain of their situation. 27-year-old Lei Di was one of the city’s volunteers.
Published 06/29/20
A journalist with five years of experience behind her, Huang Yue volunteered to go to the city of Wuhan in the earliest days of the COVID-19 outbreak. It was a time for many firsts in her career - it was her first time covering a major disaster, the first time she’d visited the intensive care unit of a hospital, and the first time she did three live broadcasts in one day.
Published 06/07/20
After two weeks of isolation in a hotel, followed by a week of social distancing at home, Huang Yue had her first day back in the newsroom. It was the perfect time to sit and talk with her about the 82 days she had just spent in Wuhan, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, as the memories were still fresh in her mind. In early February, she volunteered to travel to the city to cover the outbreak, mindful that she could be stuck there until the city was lifted out of its lockdown.
Published 05/31/20
In early February, Chang Panpan joined the difficult and dangerous battle against the coronavirus in Wuhan. This junior doctor said that his two months on the front line against the virus has made him into a more mature and responsible man.
Published 05/04/20
Chang Panpan is a young doctor at the Trauma Center of Peking University People’s Hospital in Beijing. He is one of the more than 42,000 medical personnel mobilized since January to help the people of Hubei Province to fight the COVID-19 outbreak.
Published 05/03/20
This International Labor Day, we thank you!
Published 04/30/20
Spring has arrived. Flowers are blooming, grass and plants are turning green. Mother Nature lives on her own rhythm of life. Life gets born and perished according to the set law of nature. The sun rises and sets. This year these all seem to have nothing to do with me. I have lost contact with nature and the ability to enjoy its beauty.
Published 04/03/20