EF#31: Listeners Q&A Session with Lizzie Alexander
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In this episode I answer a number of your questions from ‘the reasons behind Endo belly’ to ‘should you have a hysterectomy’.
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Just a quick episode to let you know that I am taking a break from the podcast and will be back on the 21st July 2021 to continue delivering episodes. I have also given you a quick thyroid self-help check list to work through.
Published 06/02/21
Many women with Endometriosis have sub-optimal thyroid function, and yet the link between them is still not fully understood by the medical community. The thyroid is so incredibly important to our overall health and particularly to our fertility. This interview helps to clarify the link, how the...
Published 05/26/21
Debbie Cotton, Head of Clinical Education at Invivo Healthcare is my guest today and we spoke all about the health of the reproductive microbiome, especially the vagina.
Published 05/12/21