Just a quick episode to let you know that I am taking a break from the podcast and will be back on the 21st July 2021 to continue delivering episodes. I have also given you a quick thyroid self-help check list to work through.
Published 06/02/21
Many women with Endometriosis have sub-optimal thyroid function, and yet the link between them is still not fully understood by the medical community. The thyroid is so incredibly important to our overall health and particularly to our fertility. This interview helps to clarify the link, how the thyroid affects fertility and what you can do to improve your thyroid function.
Published 05/26/21
In this episode I answer a number of your questions from ‘the reasons behind Endo belly’ to ‘should you have a hysterectomy’.
Published 05/19/21
Debbie Cotton, Head of Clinical Education at Invivo Healthcare is my guest today and we spoke all about the health of the reproductive microbiome, especially the vagina.
Published 05/12/21
Period pain, constipation, excessive bleeding, have you ever thought about trying herbs to help some of these Endometriosis / Adenomyosis symptoms?! A jam-packed episode of simple tips and tricks on using herbs, whether they are from the garden, the wild or the supermarket!
Published 05/05/21
Lara Thieme talks to me about her experience with Endo and its influence on her decision to research into the connection between the gut microbiome and its link to Endometriosis, as well as the difficulty of doing research on Endometriosis.
Published 04/28/21
A lovely short episode on an amazingly powerful herb that has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy to a help a variety of menstrual problems.
Published 04/21/21
I have had the overwhelming urge to share some of the things that I have learnt in the last two years since having got pregnant and what I have and continue to learn as I further my training in functional and integrative nutrition and health coaching. It mainly centres around gut health and its impact on fertility, postpartum mother and baby.
Published 04/14/21
Dr Jessica Drummond discusses how she and her clinicians have been using Heart Rate Variability to successfully reduce Endometriosis pelvic pain.
Published 04/07/21
Nicole Jardim joins me to dig deep into stress and how it impacts our body, hormones, period, Endometriosis and ultimately our fertility. Stress comes in many forms, from internal to external, actual and perceived. We are made to incredibly deal with stress, but our world today is more stressful than ever. Nicole explains exactly what is happening with our hormones and also some the basic things we need to do to reduce this impact.
Published 03/31/21
My guest Angela Heap is a leading fertility nutritionist and expert in the UK. Angela and I discuss genetics, fertility and Endometriosis. It was a real education into the ‘hardware and software’ of our bodies, a Angela describes it! We discussed how our surrounding environment and exposure to toxins can change our genetics, or trigger various conditions and diseases, including Endometriosis. For more information about this episode go to:...
Published 03/24/21
In this episode you will find out about the advantages and disadvantages of surgery for Endometriosis from the perspective of trying to get pregnant and the actions used in a functional approach to support your body to heal.
Published 03/17/21
Many women find out they have Endometriosis when they are struggling to get pregnant. You may find that you are advised to have surgery and that it can improve your chances of getting pregnant especially within 6 months. No-one actually tells you how Endometriosis affects your fertility, so I thought this first episode of Season 2 and during Endometriosis Awareness Month would be a good time as any to go into those details that are known and understood.
Published 03/10/21
Functional laboratory tests are a great way to determine the nutritional status, imbalances, and/or pathogens that may be contributing to poor health, especially if you have Endometriosis. This episode focuses on five great tests that can help understand the imbalances contributing to women’s fertility struggles.
Published 11/25/20
Lorna Driver-Davies, Head of Nutrition at Wild Nutrition provides answers to an array of questions related to nutrition and supplementation for women with Endometriosis wanting to conceive. We discuss so much from which nutrients are typically low, the difference between methylated and non-methylated forms of nutrients and how the body uses them to how nutrition can help improve a dysfunctioning immune system, typical of women with Endometriosis.
Published 11/18/20
Progesterone is one of your key sex hormones, essential for getting pregnant and many other essential functions for a health happy life. Find out if you have low levels, especially if you have Endometriosis or PCOS, why this might be and what you can do about it.
Published 11/11/20
Learn all about estrogen, what it is, why women with Endometriosis have a problem with estrogen, how to recognise if you have high or low estrogen and then most importantly what you can do about this to reduce your Endo pain and increase your fertility.
Published 11/04/20
Ruby Ben shares her experience with finding out she had Endometriosis whilst struggling to get pregnant. She has since found a natural way to support her body to heal and lose weight without a huge amount of effort. She is so passionate about it she has since gone on to become an Endometriosis and fertility coach! So if you are willing to listen to your body and believe then get listening!
Published 10/28/20
Adenomyosis is the sister to Endometriosis, yet it is far less known or understood. Sara Lopez tells us about her experience and how she coaches women to live an improved life.
Published 10/21/20
If you have a plethora of unexplainable symptoms from dizziness and nausea to anxiety and headaches then it could be histamine intolerance (HIT), which many women with Endometriosis are prone to suffer from, and which affects fertility.
Published 10/14/20
Ashley shares her experience with overcoming histamine intolerance, and using physical therapy and surgeries to live a pain free life with Endometriosis and PCOS.
Published 10/07/20
If you have low stomach acid, this episode explains why that might be, and also discusses nine ways you can increase the gastric juices you need to digest your food properly.
Published 09/30/20
Natalie shares how nourishing her body and mind during a three month break at 45 after two miscarriages led to her second baby girl. An enlightening and empowering conversation with some example affirmations to use to help optimise your fertility.
Published 09/23/20
Why is stomach acid important? Did you know low acid levels result in serious nutrient deficiencies, which affect fertility and causes pelvic inflammation?
Published 09/16/20
Pain levels are different for everyone and it is all related to the Central Nervous System (CNS), according to Dr Jessica Drummond, founder of the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, and my guest on today’s podcast episode. A fascinating chat ranging from infertility and postpartum recovery to healing your Endo pain through your gut and CNS to improve your Endometriosis.
Published 09/09/20