Mike Leone discusses why there is a unique opportunity in the FFPC TriFlex Dynasty leagues to try out a Zero RB strategy in your startup draft. The market doesn't quite fully value the benefits of being deep at WR and acquiring extra players in the first 10 rounds, especially in best ball. Use promo code ETR to sign up for Underdog Fantasy: https://play.underdogfantasy.com/p-establish-the-run. First time depositors will received a deposit bonus up to $100.
Published 05/26/22
Jack Miller of Establish The Run joins Mike Leone to discuss how the different best ball tournament structures on Underdog, FFPC, and Drafters work and how to tweak your draft strategies accordingly. Use promo code ETR to sign up for Underdog Fantasy: https://play.underdogfantasy.com/p-establish-the-run. First time depositors will received a deposit bonus up to $100.
Published 05/19/22
Underdog Fantasy has announced that their big summer best ball tournament, Best Ball Mania 3, will have a $10 million prize pool, including individual prizes of $2 million, $1 million, and $1 million. The winner of the original Best Ball Mania, Justin Herzig, joins Mike Leone of Establish The Run to break down the macro strategy of how to best attack this tournament to maximize your odds of taking home a big prize and get a lot of entertainment along the way. Use promo code ETR to sign up...
Published 05/10/22
Mike Leone of Establish The Run takes you through his rookie draft rankings and tiers, telling you which players to draft, when you should target them, and what trades you could make based on your league rules and team's positioning: -Breece Hall the 1.01 -Pounding WR between 1.02 and 1.07 -How to approach the overvalued Kenneth Walker -David Bell a priority target at current ADP -How to take advantage of these market mistakes: overconfidence, short term thinking, and overreactions to...
Published 05/09/22
Jack Miller and Mark Dankenbring of Establish The Run join Mike Leone to recap the NFL draft and figure out where to rank all of the incoming rookies while implementing a sound Underdog tournament strategy: -Are any QBs worth drafting outside of Kenny Pickett? -Breece Hall is the clear rookie RB1. Who is RB2? -Treylon Burks a surprise WR1 over Drake London among rookies on Underdog -Impact of the AJ Brown and Marquise Brown trades -And way more!
Published 05/02/22
Evan Silva and Anthony Amico of Establish The Run join Mike Leone for a 2-round mock draft with a SuperFlex TE Premium format. Tune in to find out how a wild NFL Draft will impact your Dynasty Rookie drafts. -Why Drake London is the 1.01 -How fall does Kenneth Walker fall? -Where do we start taking the QBs? -How to handle unexpected draft capital for athletic WRs like Christian Watson Please check out the Establish the Run Youtube page to see the full video:...
Published 05/01/22
Anthony Amico and Mike Leone of Establish The Run take a look at how to evaluate QB and TE prospects in general, how that fits into Dynasty Rookie drafts, and how the 2022 class shakes out: -Malik Willis is in a tier of his own -Kenny Pickett's high floor but low ceiling -Draft Capital will be important for Sam Howell and Desmond Ridder -Trey McBride is the firm TE1 in this class -Jelani Woods has a profile to bet on at the end of the 2nd Round in TE premium rookie drafts
Published 04/22/22
Kyle Daily joins Mike Leone of Establish the Run to talk through the best ways to structure your dynasty leagues to maximize entertainment and competitiveness. -Managed versus Best Ball -SuperFlex/Tight End Premium -The Importance of Slow Drafts -Snake or Auction Startup -The Best Rookie Draft Structure
Published 04/04/22
Mark Dankenbring and Jack Miller of Establish the Run recap the crazy NFL offseason and give you their takes on who has gained and lost the most value and what opportunities exist at current ADPs on Underdog and FFPC. -Russell Wilson to Denver -Deshaun Watson and Amari Cooper to Cleveland -Tyreek Hill to the Miami -Davante Adams to the Las Vegas -Brady unretiring and getting the gang back together in Tampa Bay and much more!
Published 03/29/22
JJ Zachariason of lateround.com joins Mike Leone to talk about evaluating RB prospects, both in general and specific to the 2022 draft class.  Specifically, the duo discuss: -What matters when evaluating RB prospects -Why draft capital is important -How to use speed score in RB evaluations -College receiving share as an important indicator of versatility and talent (and a potential warning sign for Kenneth Walker) -Breece Hall as the Top RB in the class -Why both JJ and Anthony Amico are...
Published 03/25/22
Pat Kerrane of NBC Sports Edge and Ship Chasing joins Mike Leone to discuss Year 1 to Year 2 WRs and how we should value them in both dynasty and redraft: -what metrics to look for in year 1 NFL performance -how to weight that against prospect profiles -Ja'Marr Chase da god -Jaylen Waddle's value with Tyreek Hill in town -Kadarius Toney changing minds -Terrace Marshall disaster and much more!
Published 03/23/22
Anthony Amico joins Mike Leone to talk about evaluating WR prospects, both in general and specific to the 2022 draft class. Amico provides updated Dynasty rankings all year round on Establish The Run. Specifically, the duo discuss: -What matters when evaluating WR prospects -Why age and early declares matter -Why we care about stats like yards per team pass attempt -ETR's tier 1 of dynasty WRs (Drake London, Treylon Burks, Garret Wilson) -ETR's tier 2 of dynasty WRs (Jameson Williams, David...
Published 03/17/22
Two of the best NFL DFS Showdown players, Cody Main and Colin Drew, join Mike Leone to talk high level showdown strategy and how we can apply those contests to this year's Super Bowl: -Common Mistakes People Make -Who to Play at Captain and How to Build Around That -Which correlations are overlooked? Underutilized? -How Can We Get Unique in a Smart Way
Published 02/04/22
Mike Leone takes a look at Establish The Run's updated playoff rankings and how to make the best use of them: -Understanding when to use positional scarcity -Evaluating the many muddled RB situations He also takes a look at specific strategy for FFPC and NFFC: -why there are obvious smart leverage opportunities in KC, CIN, and SF that could play huge dividends -trying to figure out what swaps to make in NFFC based on your position relative to the field, how the bracket played out for your...
Published 01/19/22
Pat Kerrane of NBC Sports Edge and Ship Chasing joins ETR's Mike Leone to discuss strategy for the FFPC Playoff Challenge contest. The two discuss: -Common mistakes drafters make -How to use scenario planning to make better teams -Why people undervalue first round upsets -When galaxy braining goes too far
Published 01/13/22
Chris Vaccaro of The Athletic joins Mike Leone of Establish The Run to talk about NFFC's playoff fantasy contest. It's a unique multiplier contest that creates a lot of avenues for potential edges. Among those, Mike and Chris talk about: -Scenario Based Selections and Working Backwards -Why it's *good* to have a couple of skill players lose in Round 1 -How to get contrarian in smart way -Why Dak Prescott provides multiple avenues for you to win
Published 01/12/22
Mike Leone and Anthony Amico take a look at why format and rules are dictate your playoff fantasy football strategy. Stemming from that, the duo look at how to calculate expected games played and how to use that based on your league format. The two then galaxy brain some playoff betting takes, taking a look at: -Market shopping and reducing the hold -The known unknowns that can cause markets/models to misprice playoff odds -Why the Titans are one of those teams
Published 01/05/22
Justin Herzig, co-founder of Own The Moment and ETR contributor, joins Mike Leone to talk playoff best ball on Underdog. The unique playoff contest offers a lot of room for edges. The duo discuss: -Understanding the rules -Winning via Roster Construction, not Player Values -Stack 2 or 3 teams and which teams work together best -It's better to get the best players on a worse team than worse players on a better team -Taking advantage of uncertainty (Never Middle!) Justin also talks about Own...
Published 12/09/21
Madison Parkhill (@MadisonParkhill) of RotoViz joins Mike Leone to review the best ball regular season and preview the upcoming playoffs, plus analyzing the good, bad, and ugly of their own teams: -Extreme strategies rule the day -Leonard Fournette bias is killing us -Mike cries over his rookie QB exposure -How can we get unique "Super Teams" without sacrificing advance rate -Is ZeroRB set up to smash the Underdog playoffs?
Published 12/01/21
Chris Allen, contributor of 4for4, FootballGuys, and NBC Sports Edge, joins Mike Leone to discuss the impact of weather on fantasy football: At what point should we be worried when it comes to wind and precipitation? How do real NFL teams alter their game plans based on the weather? Additionally the two talk about: -Our Bengals -Mike's Thunderdome victory -Chris' Home Brewing -Road Race Training
Published 11/10/21
Rich Hribar (@LordReebs on Twitter) of sharpfootballanalysis.com joins Mike Leone to talk about establish his edge in fantasy football: -Rich's weekly "The Worksheet" column -Finding micro edges as the fantasy industry becomes sharper as a whole -The Konami Code QBs: Why running QBs break fantasy and how that may be changing in today's fantasy football landscape -The importance of understanding player archetypes in all facets of fantasy - redraft, best ball, Dynasty, DFS, etc.
Published 11/03/21
Joe Holka joins Mike Leone to talk FanDuel tournament strategy as well as how Joe broke into the fantasy sports industry. Among other things, the pair discuss: -Pricing/Scoring Difference between FanDuel and DraftKings -How do you go about stacking on FanDuel? -Do you have to pay up at QB on FanDuel? -How Joe broke into the industry -The importance of consistency, quality, and intrinsic value -Playing long-term games with good people Make sure to check out Joe's content on his YouTube...
Published 10/27/21
Mike Leone answers ETE listener questions on a variety of topics - from DFS to best ball to landscaping: -When should we be stacking in DFS and how much? -How do we adjust for the field getting smarter with leverage plays in tournaments? -What's the opportunity cost of drafting a QB early in best ball? -Why is it worth paying someone to mow your lawn?
Published 10/22/21
Michael Leone is joined by Pat Kerrane of NBC Sports Edge and Anthony Amico of Establish the Run to mock draft a SuperFlex/TE premium rookie back, adjusting for what we now know five weeks into the NFL season. Among other topics, the trio discusses: -Trevor Lawrence or Trey Lance as the top QB? -Which skill player is best - Ja'Marr Chase, Kyle Pitts, or Najee Harris? -Is it time to give up on Zach Wilson? -How high does Kadarius Toney rise? -What to make of the SF RB situation For a limited...
Published 10/14/21