Professionalism is Killing Your Brand: Here's the Cure
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Corporate speak sucks. Dave Harland, copywriter and creative director of Copy Or Die, shares how ditching professionalism and embracing authenticity can help you revive your brand.  (00:00) - Intro (02:27) - Redefining professionalism (04:54) - Dave's journey (08:35) - How Dave's strategy generates leads (16:33) - First steps to being more yourself (23:01) - Why going "too" narrow is important (33:20) - Self-deprecation as a copywriting tool (40:41) - Picking the right fight (50:02) - Dave's last advice (54:48) - Top 3 resources *** → Join 14,000+ weirdos who learn to stand the f*ck out with my daily (Mon-Fri) emails:→ See my pretty face on LinkedIn:→ Leave a review on Apple Podcasts:→ Leave a review on Spotify: Finally... If you're curious about putting your brand in front of my 14,000+ daily newsletter subscribers and/or podcast listeners, email me: [email protected] 🤘
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