Ep 155 | Department of Homeland Security Shake-up | 2020 Predictions | The Drew Berquist Show
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Dr. Alan Keyes, former ambassador under President Reagan, stops by to discuss how America has changed and how taking God out of our nation is taking us down a road we don't want to see. Bart Marcois, former energy official under Bush 43, joins the show to talk about General Attorney Barr, the 2020 Democratic nominees, and what looks like another landslide for Trump. Finally, Drew, Mike, and Disco take a trip around the headlines.
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Former IDF soldier Shammai Siskind stops by to talk about Netanyahu being projected to win his fifth term. Also, the Conservative Latina, Emma Jimenez, joins the show to discuss AOC and the border. Finally, the host of The News and Why It Matters, Sara Gonzalez weighs in on Pete Buttigieg and how...
Published 04/10/19
Published 04/10/19
Drew and Disco review the day's headlines, including Michael Cohen's claims of new information to stall his prison sentence, an update on Jussie Smollett, and the Democrats going after AG Barr. Also, DeAnna Lorraine, author of "Make Love Great Again" and host of "Winning the Culture War," joins...
Published 04/05/19