Former IDF soldier Shammai Siskind stops by to talk about Netanyahu being projected to win his fifth term. Also, the Conservative Latina, Emma Jimenez, joins the show to discuss AOC and the border. Finally, the host of The News and Why It Matters, Sara Gonzalez weighs in on Pete Buttigieg and how some are saying he may not be gay enough to win voters over in the LGBTQ community.
Published 04/10/19
Published 04/10/19
Dr. Alan Keyes, former ambassador under President Reagan, stops by to discuss how America has changed and how taking God out of our nation is taking us down a road we don't want to see. Bart Marcois, former energy official under Bush 43, joins the show to talk about General Attorney Barr, the 2020 Democratic nominees, and what looks like another landslide for Trump. Finally, Drew, Mike, and Disco take a trip around the headlines.
Published 04/09/19
Drew and Disco review the day's headlines, including Michael Cohen's claims of new information to stall his prison sentence, an update on Jussie Smollett, and the Democrats going after AG Barr. Also, DeAnna Lorraine, author of "Make Love Great Again" and host of "Winning the Culture War," joins Drew to discuss Joe Biden. Finally, Byron Beplay, former Army Ranger and director of forward deployed operations for the Global Surgical and Medical Support Group, joins Drew to describe the amazing...
Published 04/05/19
Drew is joined in-studio 2020 Trump campaign advisory board member Jason Meister to discuss the day's top headlines and his thoughts on the main Democratic hopefuls. Also, former CIA operations officer Dan Harris discusses his concerns about Putin's actions in Latin America. Finally, U.S. Army veteran and OpsLens contributor Angelina Newsom weighs in on the "Biden-Sniff Saga" and the Democrats' approach to 2020.
Published 04/04/19
Retired CIA operations officer Luis Rueda stops by the show to discuss the developments in Venezuela and how the Russian and American stances will affect the outcome of the failed country. Finally, Drew, Mike, and Disco take a trip around today's headlines.
Published 04/03/19
After addressing former Vice President Joe Biden's unique approach to human interaction and all the accusations he is facing, Drew and the team tackle the day's top headlines.  Also, former Navy SEAL and congressional candidate Larry Wilske joins Drew to explain his journey into politics, his thoughts on President Trump, and where he stands on immigration.  
Published 04/02/19
U.S. Air Force Veteran & Director of Hispanic Engagement for Talking Point USA, Anna Paulina, joins Drew to discuss the northern triangle and how the U.S. is going to stop providing them aid. Also, Founder of Alexo Athletica, Amy Robbins, stops by to discuss woman's safety in the wake of the Samantha Joesphson murder, and how awareness can be a game changer when it comes to the growing number of abductions and assault on young women. Finally, Drew, Mike, and Disco breakdown today's top...
Published 04/01/19
Drew is joined by Trump 2020 advisory board member, Jason Meister, to discuss the results of the Mueller investigation. Also, journalist and filmmaker, Adelle Nazarian, stops by and weighs in on how the mainstream media is trying to make a come back after ratings drop because of the lies that they have spewed for the past two years. Finally, Drew, Mike, and Disco take a trip around the headlines.
Published 03/29/19
Drew and the team review President Trump's morning Twitter spree and the day's top headlines.  Also, former IDF Soldier and OpsLens Contributor, Shammai Siskind, provides an update on the Golan Heights proclamation and the latest in Gaza.   
Published 03/28/19
OpsLens Political Analyst and U.S. Army Veteran David Kamioner joins Drew to discuss the U.K. parliament's bold move this week and what it means for BREXIT and the British people.  Also, Co-host of America's Voice Live, Amanda Head, joins Drew to discuss the Mueller report and finally, host of The Joe Lockett Show, Joe Lockett discuss Jussie Smollett.  
Published 03/27/19
Drew and the crew hit the headlines as the mainstream media and Democrats still try to flip the finding of no collusion in their favor. Michael Avenatti could face a lot of time in prison, an Oregon State University LGBTQ group does not want veterans in the campus recreation center, and you can make $1,000 by adopting a wild horse?
Published 03/26/19
The special counsel's report vindicates President Trump with no finding of collusion with Russia. Still, Beto O'Rourke, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders, and several other Democrats are shouting for answers. OpsLens political analyst and U.S. Army veteran David Kamioner joins Drew and the team to discuss the report and the Left's response. Plus, the president of Young Americans for Liberty, Cliff Maloney, joins Drew in-studio to discuss YAL's mission and the absurd events that took place at...
Published 03/25/19
On tonight's episode PR Consultan, Writer & Blogger, Katie Thulin joins the show to breakdown today's headlines. Finally, US Army veteran & former GRS operator, Josh "Stretch" Garrison stops by to discuss President Trump and the wall.
Published 03/25/19
Drew and the team review the day's top headlines, including Beto O'Rourke's visit to Iowa, the FBI being ordered not to charge Clinton, students at Sarah Lawrence College and their list of demands and so much more.  Also, Hank Barbe from Three Beards joins the show to provide the latest with the band and their upcoming performance at Salute the Troops with Snoop Dogg and several others.  Finally, the owner of Hill Farms New Mexico, Jay Hill, stops by to describe his thoughts on the Green New...
Published 03/13/19
Drew and the team review the day's top headlines, to include AOC's use of the word "like" 71 times during her South By Southwest interview.  Also, former CIA Officer and host of The Buck Sexton Show, Buck Sexton, joins to discuss the study that shows the U.S. getting crushed by Russia and China in wargames.  Finally, host of Gun Freedom Radio, Cheryl Todd, discusses a new proposal that would change the law as it pertains to antique firearms and its implications on the firearm community writ...
Published 03/12/19
Instagram star, political commentator and host of Always Right, Erin Adair, joins Drew and the team in the studio to comment on the day's top headlines.  The crew also dives into Craiglist Missed Connections.
Published 03/11/19
Drew and the team are joined by OLTV "Happy Hour" host Tom Cunningham to review more AOC memes after discussing International Women's Day, Bradley Manning being in custody, the House passing a resolution on hate speech, and much more in "Around the Headlines." Also, Second Amendment advocate and "Gun Freedom Radio host Cheryl Todd swings by to discuss her path in the firearms industry as a woman. Plus, USAF Tech Sgt.  Charles Daube discusses his forthcoming book, "Infernal Glow," and his...
Published 03/08/19
Drew, Mike, and Disco discuss the immigration crisis, Tucker Carlson shredding yet another guest, and a new complaint against AOC. Also, former ICE supervisor Jason Piccolo, author of the forthcoming book "Unwavering," drops by to discuss the situation at the border and what to expect in his book. Finally, Drew offers up some "sincere" apologies to Ilhan Omar and Maxine Waters.
Published 03/08/19
Just one day after saying she was out for 2020, Hillary Clinton is now not 100 percent sure about her intentions for the election. Maxine Waters went off on President Trump in a schizophrenic Twitter rant, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says the company may have been "too aggressive" toward conservatives on Twitter. Also, former U.S. Army combat medic and Venezuelan immigrant Joel Frewa provides an update on activity in Venezuela. Finally, the chairman of the Committee to Defend the President,...
Published 03/08/19
Hillary Clinton said that she is out for 2020, but will support other Democrat candidates.  Maxine Waters is back to calling for President Trump's impeachment and AOC may have broken campaign finance laws.  Also, Senior Fellow on Energy and Environmental Policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Marlo Lewis, joins Drew to break down the Green New Deal and how climate change is a scam.  Finally, author of "The Death of Liberty", David Thomas Roberts, swings by to describe his latest book.
Published 03/05/19
Drew showcases some of his favorite memes that the world wide web has put out there on AOC while Russia is looking to disconnect from it altogether. Also, Sante Fe High School student Lane Roberson comes on the show to discuss how he thinks the school handled the assault which took place over his MAGA hat on spirit day last week. Finally, host of the new OpsLens show True Blue, Randy Sutton stops by to discuss his new show.
Published 03/04/19
Michael Cohen bashes President Trump on live television while he is out of the country meeting with Kim Jong Un and unable to defend himself. Also, the National Chair of Students4Trump, Ryan Fournier, joins the show to discuss the hatred that is out there for Trump supporters and MAGA hat wearers. Finally, the President of Nurokor USA, John Nycz, stops by to discuss his newest product for pain management.
Published 02/27/19
Retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff joins Drew to discuss Hoda Muthana and the Trump/KJU summit.  Also, Director of Hispanic Outreach Anna Paulina drops by to discuss her shadow ban on Instagram and Democrats voting down the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.
Published 02/27/19
Former Marine and host of the Jesse Kelly Show, Jesse Kelly, and the host of Happy Hour on OLTV, Tom Cunningham, join Drew on set to walk through the day's headlines and take part in other shenanigans.  Also, investigative journalist Laura Loomer discusses Instagram's censorship of Donald Trump Jr, her own experiences with social media and the Oscars. 
Published 02/27/19