Why I never miss my son’s kindergarten story time (listen until the end for a secret…shhh)
Published 02/26/24
Why’d I buy the equivalent of a $50 pack of cards in Thailand? Because of this one rule I now live my life by.
Published 02/26/24
You’ve got two options. Choose wisely.
Published 02/25/24
The power of releasing the how.
Published 02/24/24
I got to hang out with the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time). Here’s what I learned.
Published 02/22/24
I’ve gone viral once in my life…and it was awesome. But not for the reasons you’d think.
Published 02/22/24
THE MOST important thing you can do if you want people to buy (and buy into) what you’re doing.
Published 02/21/24
“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives”.
Published 02/19/24
Sometime you put the effort in and…
Published 02/19/24
To açaí or not to açaí? … that is the question. And there’s only one right answer!
Published 02/18/24
Getting frustrated while shooting videos…so I’m shooting a video about it. How meta!
Published 02/16/24
Chug, chug, chug!
Published 02/15/24
How this lesson lead to the best purchase of my life (Civico Magnifico!) and how it still works for me, all the time!
Published 02/14/24
And all it took was a 60 minutes segment and a dip in a cold ocean.
Published 02/13/24
The Power of PPP (what’s that?). Listen to find out!
Published 02/12/24
Turning down travel…with my best friends…in a cool area? Surprising, but necessary.
Published 02/12/24
A simple way to always be the best at something.
Published 02/10/24
It doesn’t have to be sexy to work!
Published 02/09/24
How you can make sure you are always the most popular person at brunch!
Published 02/09/24
…and it all happened before my eggs even got cold!
Published 02/08/24
…and how it lead to a beach compound in Belize!
Published 02/07/24
One of my first real travel experiences happened when I moved to Switzerland, on the banks of Lake Geneva…a lake I’d get to know very well!
Published 02/06/24
There’s a lot of fish and chips counters in Vancouver. Here’s why one particular one stood out (and it wasn’t the fish…or the chips).
Published 02/04/24
Strawberries are great. Muffins are great. Strawberry muffins? Now that’s a game changer - here’s why (and surprise - it’s not just the taste!)
Published 02/03/24