Carrie and Diana discuss their favorite genres - girls being horrific and sweet boys baking!! - along with the grossest and sweetest food scenes. 
Published 03/02/19
Published 03/02/19
Diana and Carrie have a holiday extravaganza discussing Christmas villains - The Grinch and Krampus. 
Published 12/31/18
Wideacre & The Evil Wizard Smallbone
Published 12/13/18
Carrie and Diana discuss Scorpio Races & Raw (2016).
Published 11/19/18
Carrie and Diana fire up their Netflix and discuss Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and The Dragon Prince.
Published 11/05/18
Diana and Carrie discuss haunted cities, fish and fries er chips er crisps, pasta pizza, PB&B&CC, more 90s fancy pasta dinners, red wine, and honey candy. We don't summon any demons. 
Published 10/16/18
Carrie and Diana discuss the MANY October happenings in Fiction Food, plus 90s Canadian kids TV, eating fear, non-dairy creamer as a flammable substance, Norweigan sweater color palettes, cucumber sandwiches, and peppermint tea.
Published 10/06/18
Diana and Carrie discuss the JA White middle grade novel and the HBO miniseries. Spooky modern Sheherazade and midwest gothic folktale with pumpkin pie, oatmeal cookies, kousa mahshi, pineapple upside down cake, ham after ham, all washed down with vodka and amaretto sours. 
Published 09/16/18
From Iranian vampire Western to 19th century action adventure, Carrie and Diana are talking about blood and tea, and Middle Eastern fare. 
Published 09/06/18
Diana and Carrie talk soaring above the clouds in dirigibles and a variety of ways to eat dragon for the manga Drifting Dragons, plus woozy wine and international, ballerina witches for the 1977 horror film Suspiria.
Published 08/16/18
Diana and Carrie discuss two things messing up my ampersand system. Anyway. We discuss the Russian spy family drama thriller TV series and a modern Victorian ghosty detective book series, with caviar, vodka, meatloaf and burgers, sausage rolls, sugar cereal, and health nut health nuts. All washed down with lots of tea. 
Published 08/02/18
Diana and Carrie discuss Breath of the Wild and what to do if you're hungry in Hyrule - lots of exploring, scavenging, and cooking...sometimes delicious, sometimes dubious. 
Published 07/15/18
Carrie and Diana discuss robots in space and terrifying family dramas! Food goo, garlic knots, cake roll pops, Checkov's walnut allergy and uncomfortable family dinners. 
Published 07/01/18
Carrie and Diana discuss pastries, country food, bland translations, pretty edible flowers, and elaborate picnics! 
Published 06/15/18
Diana and Carrie return after LONG hiatus to discuss the food manga Delicious in Dungeon & anime Death Note. There will be golem veggies, ghost ice cream, temptation apples, traditional Japanese sweets, and more!
Published 06/01/18
Published 04/27/17
Diana and Carrie discuss Beatrix Potter books, and lots of English countryside food, perfect for little rabbits.
Published 04/04/17
Diana and Carrie discuss Little White Horse, the novel by Elizabeth Gouge, and the 2008 movie, The Secret of Moonacre.
Published 03/16/17
Diana and Carrie discuss A Series of Unfortunate Events - mostly the new Netflix series, but also touching on the book series and the 2004 movie. Don't look away. 
Published 02/16/17
Diana and Carrie discuss the sports anime with extra large pork cutlet bowls, ramen, hot pot, duck blood, paella, all washed down with lots and lots of champs. 
Published 01/23/17
Diana and Carrie discuss the dark fairy tales, and share some inspired recipes!
Published 01/10/17
Diana and Carrie discuss one of the most classic of Christmas tales of all, Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol! Some of the best food descriptions of all time, pulls no punches, and if you don't like it, Bah humbug! 
Published 12/22/16
Diana and Carrie discuss the newest Disney flick, Moana! Tthere's fish, pork, taro, boat snacks, and lots and lots of coconuts. 
Published 12/05/16
Diana and Carrie discuss the novel by Diana Wynne Jones as well as the Ghibli movie - with fire demon-cooked bacon, luscious cream cakes, magical honey and questionable turnip heads.
Published 11/19/16