Podcast Takeover: The FI Show - Employee vs. Entrepreneur
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Cody Berman and Justin Taylor, hosts of the FI Show, have both achieved financial independence but they've taken drastically different paths to get there. Listen to this Podcast Takeover episode to hear the similarities and differences between an employee's path to FI (Justin's) and an entrepreneur's journey to FIRE (Cody's)! Highlights Live-in flip vs. house hacking Sweet spot for buying used cars Why focusing on fixed expenses is important How to 5x your corporate income The unlimited upside of entrepreneurship How to get started investing if you're scared/nervous Nest-egging vs. cash-flowing your way to financial independence The benefits of a Solo-401(k) for entrepreneurs Why the corporate world is great for certain types of people Benefits and downsides of entrepreneurship Why it's important to not keep up with the FI Joneses either Show Links The FI Show - https://thefishow.com The FI Show's Mega Backdoor Roth Episode - https://thefishow.com/mega-backdoor-roth-solo-401k-explained/ The Mad Fientist's Mega Backdoor Roth Article - https://www.madfientist.com/after-tax-contributions/  
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