How to Find a Job that Matters to You, with Melanie Damm
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You spend the majority of your life at work, so it’s important that your work matters to you. A job that matters adds to your overall fulfillment in life, as well as provides you with direction in your career, says Find Your Dream Job guest Melanie Damm. Melanie suggests starting with what you value most, whether thats flexible hours, salary, or company culture. Envision what your day-to-day would look like in this position. Finally, consider your personality and talents; if you’re a creative, you likely don’t want to sit at a desk all day creating spreadsheets.  About Our Guest: Melanie Damm is a recruitment consultant at the Equitable Hiring Group. Her firm helps nonprofits and impact-driven companies hire.  Resources in This Episode: Are you interested in a job in the nonprofit sector? Find available positions by visiting Connect with Melanie on LinkedIn. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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