4 Online Application Mistakes To Avoid, with Elora Arding
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Check out the podcast on Macslist here: (https://www.macslist.org/?post_type=podcasts&p=15013&preview=true) Applicant tracking systems make it easier than ever to apply for multiple jobs in one sitting. But is that the best way to go about getting your dream job? Not according to Find Your Dream Job guest Elora Arding. Elora says these systems are great for streamlining the application process, but only if you use them correctly. That starts with following all directions and customizing your materials for each position. Elora also suggests researching the company so that you can share relevant experiences and ask questions that show you know the company’s values and how you can contribute to their mission.  About Our Guest: Elora Arding is the people and culture manager at Portland Audubon. Her organization protects birds and habitats, fights climate change, and advocates for access to nature. Resources in This Episode: Learn more about the mission of Portland Audubon, including their upcoming new name and rebrand, by visiting Portland Audubon. Connect with Elora on LinkedIn. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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