Why You Need to Be Yourself in a Job Interview, with Courtney Ulwelling
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Check out the podcast on Macslist here: (https://www.macslist.org/?post_type=podcasts&p=15148&preview=true) It’s normal to want to show up as your best self in a job interview; after all, you want the hiring manager to like you and want to hire you. However, there’s a difference between being your true best self and being someone you’re not. Find Your Dream Job guest Courtney Ulwelling says there are three things you need to do to show up as your authentic self in an interview. First, prepare, but don’t go in and recite a bunch of facts you read on their website. Second, wear professional clothes that make you feel comfortable. And finally, pay attention. Listen to their questions and be ready with questions of your own.  About Our Guest: Courtney Ulwelling is a talent acquisition specialist at Portland General Electric.  Resources in This Episode: Connect with Courtney on LinkedIn. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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