Calvin Harris + Ellie Goulding’s ‘Miracle’ and Conan Gray’s ‘Heather’ review!
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This time round we serve you a little extended Poppy reading, a fresh-as-a-daisy look at another Harris/Goulding collab and a somewhat steamy discussion of Conan Gray’s dreamy eyes (and his music video for Heather). Episode 14 has arrived!
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Published 03/26/23
Imogen and Tom feel especially old this time round thanks to Poppy's performance art and Everything but the Girl's choreography. How does Poppy scream like that? How do those young people move like that? Why is it so cold? Don't be shy, come and join us in our bafflement! It's Episode 13!!
Published 03/06/23
We suffer (well, Tom suffers) from raised blood pressure talking about Miley Cyrus’s new video and then ‘Miss You’ surprisingly prompts a lot of football chat. We’re painting our nails cherry Flatpop baby! It’s Episode 12!!
Published 02/08/23