This time round we serve you a little extended Poppy reading, a fresh-as-a-daisy look at another Harris/Goulding collab and a somewhat steamy discussion of Conan Gray’s dreamy eyes (and his music video for Heather). Episode 14 has arrived!
Published 03/26/23
Published 03/26/23
Imogen and Tom feel especially old this time round thanks to Poppy's performance art and Everything but the Girl's choreography. How does Poppy scream like that? How do those young people move like that? Why is it so cold? Don't be shy, come and join us in our bafflement! It's Episode 13!!
Published 03/06/23
We suffer (well, Tom suffers) from raised blood pressure talking about Miley Cyrus’s new video and then ‘Miss You’ surprisingly prompts a lot of football chat. We’re painting our nails cherry Flatpop baby! It’s Episode 12!!
Published 02/08/23
Sam Smith has an unsuccessful crack at Fosse and A. Girl presents some troubling finger nail images. Join us in the Flat-Poppy shop - it’s episode 11!!!
Published 01/17/23
Meghan Trainor makes us do a lot more than just 'look' and Nicki Minaj makes Tom go 'a bit funny'. It's the REAL episode 10!!!
Published 01/03/23
So Baby Queen wishes to share a few thoughts on her indolence and SZA has spent a bit of money on their music video which makes a very pleasant change. Pay close attention and hear us wrongly call this Episode 10 (whoops!) and then drop some red hot topical news references! Flat Pop all up in your festive grill!
Published 12/21/22
We've got a video to natter about from one of Imogen's faves in Taylor Swift and an effort from a brand new artist to us both in Venbee. Can indulgent mid-vid sketches that go on too long take the shine off? Does the resurgence of bucket hats make us feel nostalgic or old? Or both? It's Flat Pop Episode 8 people!
Published 11/16/22
This time round we have Roddy Ricch who loves guns and places to put them (ooer) and the product of a terrifyingly efficient South Korean girl-band machine in Black Pink. Is there anything more ostentatiously capitalist than a glitter ball cannon? Is Roddy Ricch the coolest, golden wonder boy ever? Listen and find out!!
Published 10/31/22
We once again delve into the Flat Pop archives and explore Tom and Imogen’s thoughts on ‘Sexual’ by Neiked and ‘Side to Side’ by Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj!
Published 10/09/22
Something from the archives! Imogen and Tom review four of 2018's biggest music videos in this bumper classic episode. They discuss Drake's 'God's Plan', Janelle Monáe's 'Pynk', Sam Smith and Clavin Harris's 'Promises' and Childish Gambino's 'This is America'. Fruity drinks are drunk and Tom's dog Fergal makes his first Flat Pop appearance!
Published 08/21/22
Bad Bunny provokes plenty of skirt chat and Lady Gaga (and the second Top Gun instalment) makes Imogen feel a little bit too mortal. It's Episode 6!!!
Published 07/26/22
Guess who's back? It's only bloody N-Dubz! AND....guess who's made a really good music video (spoilers)? It's only bloody The Weeknd!
Published 07/10/22
Things get a little creepy thanks to Sub Urban and then Sam Ryder's vibrato gets Imogen and Tom discussing farm animals! It's episode 4!
Published 06/25/22
Discover what Harry Styles's naughties wrestling name would have been and listen to a discussion as to what skin peeling really means. It's Flat Pop Episode 3!!!
Published 06/12/22
In Ep2 Tom and Imogen discuss what rhymes with the word motto, they drool over young and sexy and young Mr Yungblud and ponder if death attends funerals. Smoke that ice cream Tiesto, it's time to DO A FLAT POP!!!
Published 05/28/22
In Episode 1 Thomas and Imogen discuss Music Video budgets and fracas in this review of Mimi Webb's 'House on Fire' and A1xJ1 plus Tion Wayne's 'Night Away' BRACKETS DANCE!!! Are they only allowed to use a corridor? Are all physio therapists sexy these days? How long was WHO in prison? Let's do a Flat Pop!!!!
Published 05/14/22
Welcome one and all to Flat Pop Music Video Reviews!! In this quick sip of Flat Pop goodness Imogen and Thomas, your baffled millennial hosts, explain what Flat Pop's all about. Episode One soon to follow!!
Published 05/12/22