Chartable SmartLinks
Post a SmartLink anywhere. Track downloads everywhere.
SmartLinks are shareable, trackable URLs that automatically route listeners to your podcast in their favorite apps—collecting both clicks and downloads.
Measuring billions of downloads from top publishers, agencies, and brands
Grow your podcast with SmartLinks
Full-funnel attribution
SmartLinks track clicks and downloads regardless of which podcast player your listeners use.
Discover the best channels
Find which marketing channels drive the most downloads, not just clicks. The days of guessing the cost of a download are over.
One link to rule them all
Stop posting individual links to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and every other app. SmartLinks support all apps, and will only display apps relevant to the platform your listener is on. (Your Android listeners will thank you.)
Get your listeners to the right app
Want to send all iPhone users directly to Apple Podcasts? Or Android users directly to Google Podcasts? We've got you covered. Prefer to send listeners to your show's website? Use our custom rules to set up your link exactly the way you want.
How it works
1. Integrate our prefix
Add our Trackable tracking prefix to your RSS feed. It's easy—just follow our instructions or ask your hosting provider. And it's reliable—we're tracking millions of downloads per month with extremely reliable, redundant infrastructure.
2. Create your SmartLink
Select one of your podcasts. Then set up your rules—for example, direct iPhone listeners directly to Apple Podcasts, or let all listeners choose their preferred app.
3. Start tracking clicks & downloads
Post your SmartLink to Twitter, Facebook, or your newsletter. Or use it when buying Google AdWords or social media ads. You'll see clicks come in instantly—and we'll start attributing any downloads within an hour.
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