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At Chartable, we feel passionately that all podcasters should have access to data and insights. To make it easier than ever for any podcaster to use Chartable to better understand and grow their audience, we are rolling out a new pricing structure for our Indie and Pro tiers.

With Chartable now a part of Spotify, we will be shifting our focus to building world-class publisher tools as part of the Megaphone platform. For our advertiser customers, that means that we will soon be deprecating our SmartAds product and will no longer be supporting advertiser campaigns on the Chartable platform.

We’re delighted to announce that Chartable is now part of the Spotify band. As a part of Megaphone, we’re beyond excited to continue Chartable’s mission to help publishers understand and grow their audiences. We can’t wait to share what we have in store!

Today, we’re announcing a new GDPR-compatible version of SmartAds to help tackle this problem: a new iteration of Chartable’s industry-leading tech, tailored specifically for the GDPR context.

Chartable now offers a pixel-less onboarding option for SmartAds, Chartable's podcast and streaming audio attribution product. This new option uses a server-to-server (or server-side) connection in lieu of a web pixel.

Today, we’re proud to announce SmartFeeds. SmartFeeds makes podcast feeds durable and portable. The new tool converts a podcast’s current RSS feed into a SmartFeed, which automatically updates with new episodes or changes in the original RSS feed.

For many of our publishers—both indies and major networks—SmartLinks have become essential to their marketing. Previously, Facebook pixels were the only pixel available for SmartLinks. Starting today, we are adding Google Tag Manager and TikTok pixels to that list. With additional Remarketing Pixel options, publishers can integrate their social media audience engaging with SmartLinks into larger marketing objectives.

Independent podcasters and smaller networks often tell us they wish they could translate their audience data into something to promote their show for potential sponsors. Today, we're launching Chartable Sales Sheets for Pro and Enterprise users to make that a reality! Sales sheets make the task of finding, aggregating, and presenting a compelling story about your podcast simpler than ever—without ever having to run a listener survey.

Chartable, the podcast analytics and attribution company, has successfully completed its SOC 2 Type 2 audit.

Today, we're proud to launch Chartable for Brands, adding two important features Chartable's podcast analytics and attribution stack: The first-ever firmographic enrichment for podcasts—find out exactly which companies are listening to your branded podcast, powered by Clearbit Brand Impact , the easiest way to measure the ROI of branded content ...