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Chartable, the podcast analytics and attribution company, today announced the general release of SmartPromos, the industry-first podcast tune-in attribution platform that empowers podcasters, media companies and advertisers to measure the impact of podcast ad campaigns for promoting new podcasts.

We’re excited to announce the launch of incremental lift. Incremental lift provides insight into how an ad performs against a control group customized to the advertiser’s campaign. Incremental lift is especially useful for brands that advertise across a wide variety of media.

The Golden Age of Podcasts continues. See the top podcasts of 2019 broken down by critics' favorites, number of reviews, and time atop the charts.

Apple has been reported as the #1 podcast app since the inception of podcasting — but Spotify has been catching up in the last several years. A recent report from MIDiA research claimed that Spotify had surpassed Apple Podcasts as the #1 podcast app based on a listener survey, which ...

Podcasts have been around in some form since at least 2004, but many trends point to the beginning of a Golden Age. Spotify's recent $340 million acquisition is just one of many signals that things are changing.

I analyzed 522 recommendations from 25 different critics' best-of lists to find the best of the best podcasts of 2018. Plus: the podcasts which got the most reviews this year, and charted on the most global charts.

Something weird is happening on the Apple Podcasts chart. Here's a deep look at how a small group of podcasts is manipulating the charts to drive more downloads.

Love them or hate them, the Apple Podcasts charts are the closest thing to the Billboard Top 100 . Here are 3 ways to get on the charts.

I kicked off our blog last week with an investigation into hosting services, The Top Podcast Hosting Platforms of 2018 . Like any good post, it generated some discussion on Twitter and elsewhere. But it was also flawed: despite my best efforts to find the real host of a show, ...

We analyzed over 500,000 podcasts to figure out which companies are powering the most shows. Which companies rank on top? Read on to find out.