Announcing: Chartable SmartFeeds
by Dave Zohrob · November 15, 2021

We’re proud to announce SmartFeeds, a new feature for Chartable publishers currently in beta release. 

SmartFeeds let you take control of your RSS feed, by making it both durable and portable. The new tool converts a podcast’s current RSS feed into a SmartFeed, which automatically updates with new episodes or changes in the original RSS feed.

The SmartFeed provides a permanent RSS feed URL for podcast directories—lowering friction in switching between hosting platforms and giving podcasters one feed URL that they can use forever.

SmartFeeds also makes it easy to enable the Trackable analytics prefix, unlocking Chartable’s analytics suite with a single click. 

Analytics For Everyone

We've heard from many podcasters—especially independent creators—that integrating Chartable's analytics prefix can be a challenge. The process is different for each hosting provider, and some providers don't allow creators to enable Trackable at all.

In contrast, SmartFeeds work for all hosting providers, and make it super-easy to enable the Chartable prefix. This means everyone can now access Chartable’s download statistics, demographics, SmartPromos podcast to podcast attribution, and more.

Portable Feeds

Hosting providers help podcasters create and manage their RSS feed. There are dozens to choose from, with different features and languages supported. Creators choose a provider based on cost, native analytics offering, connectivity to third party applications, familiarity, UI, and other factors.

However, creators' priorities can change as a podcast matures, and this happens more often than one might think. Podnews has a fantastic interactive visualization that updates daily with recent podcast hosting changes.

By submitting the SmartFeeds URL to podcast directories, publishers can more easily switch hosting providers if their needs change—the only URL that needs to change is in the Chartable dashboard. By updating their RSS feed URL on the SmartFeeds page within Chartable, all podcast directories will be updated automatically with a single copy-and-paste.

Join the waitlist today

Click here to sign up for the SmartFeeds waitlist today. We're rolling out SmartFeeds a little at a time to all interested Chartable users—sign up now to ensure you get early access.

If you have any questions about SmartFeeds, feel free to reference our SmartFeeds FAQ or email [email protected] for assistance.

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