Chartable SmartPromos
Podcast-to-Podcast Marketing Attribution
SmartPromos help you discover which podcast ads are boosting your downloads the most, so you can optimize your marketing spend.
Grow your podcast with SmartPromos
Advertise on other podcasts
Podcast ads have always been a great way to grow your podcast audience, but it has always been difficult to directly measure their impact on your downloads— until now. SmartPromos offers direct podcast-to-podcast attribution so you can see how many new listeners your campaign actually drove.
Multi-touch attribution
Whether you're running an internal promotion on your own network with an episode drop in your RSS feed, or buying preroll and midroll spots across a dozen other shows, we'll help you figure out which ads are working to grow your audience with multi-touch attribution.
Works with baked-in and dynamic ads
SmartPromos works with baked-in ads via our Trackable analytics prefix, as well as dynamically-inserted ads through providers like ART19, Megaphone, Triton, and Adswizz.
How it works
1. Integrate our prefix
Add our Trackable tracking prefix to your RSS feed. It's easy—just follow our instructions or ask your hosting provider. And it's reliable—we're tracking millions of downloads per month with extremely reliable, redundant infrastructure.
2. Create a campaign
Tell us which podcasts you're advertising on—whether it's your own shows or external shows. Then make sure that any baked-in shows are prefixed with our Trackable prefix, and generate dynamic ad pixels for DAI ads.
3. Start tracking downloads
Once your ads start running, we'll give you a report across your entire campaign, with stats updating once per hour.
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