Announcing: Chartable Sales Sheets
by Christian Buckler · October 20, 2021

Independent podcasters and smaller networks often tell us they wish they could translate their audience data into something promotional for potential sponsors. However, running listener surveys can be time-consuming and costly, not to mention the sales staff and graphic designers required to translate the raw data into a polished product.

Today, we're launching Chartable Sales Sheets for Pro and Enterprise users to make this a reality! Sales Sheets make the task of finding, aggregating, and presenting a compelling story about your podcast simpler than ever—without ever having to run a listener survey. After creating a Sales Sheet, you can easily share them with the click of a button. Take a look at a sample screenshot below, or browse examples from publishers who have already created their first Sales Sheets:

The Jordan Harbinger Show from Podcast One

Crónicas Obscuras from Sonoro

Revisionist History from Pushkin


How it works

Sales sheets combine Chartable's IAB-verified stats with the Audience Demographics we launched earlier this year in a sharable format for potential sponsors. We further augment this with audience demographic information from Spotify, if you've connected Chartable to your Spotify account, and average episode consumption data from both Apple and Spotify.

Once created, sharing a sales sheet is simple: Chartable will generate a unique public link for you, which you can pass along to potential advertisers for them to review. Once you are done using a sales sheet link, you can shut off access permanently from within Chartable to make sure your data is secure.

What sponsors will see

Each sales sheet shows several pieces of information:

  1. The average number of downloads per episode that your show has gotten over the last 60 days.
  2. Geographic data showing the top 5 geographic regions that your show is performing in based on downloads and reach.
  3. Demographic data showing information about your podcast's audience including:
    • Age
    • Income
    • Gender
    • Education level
  4. Average Consumption percentage for your episode to highlight potential pre-, mid-, and post-roll listenership to potential sponsors.

Ready to create your first sales sheet? Click here for a step-by-step guide.

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