Foley Flashback: The Texas Rattlesnake
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On this week's Foley Flashback, Mick and Conrad are focused on the one and only 'Texas Rattlesnake' himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Mick outlines Austin's entire career parallel to his own from starting in World Class, to WCW, to ECW, and to the WWE. Along the way hear all about Chris Adams, the Dangerous Alliance, Hollywood Blondes, ECW under Heyman, Austin's last match at WrestleMania and if Mick wants to see Austin step in the ring again. SAVE WITH CONRAD - Stop throwing your money on rent! Get into a house with NO MONEY DOWN and roughly the same monthly payment at FOLLOW AND SUBSCRIBE TO ALL THINGS MICK at Get all of your Foley is POD merchandise at On, you get early, ad-free access to more than a dozen of your favorite wrestling podcasts, starting at just $9! And now, you can enjoy the first week...completely FREE! Sign up for a free trial - and get a taste of what Ad Free Shows is all about. Start your free trial today at` Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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