For The Many
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Iain and Jacqui discuss West Ham's victory, the nightmare of NHS admin, small boats, Caroline Lucas stepping down at the next election, Rishi in Washington, Harry in the High Court, Jamie Driscoll blocked and a new addition to the Dale family!
Published 06/09/23
Iain answers your questions on whether the Conservatives can catch up, how to reduce inequality, how much class can impact a relationship, whether Labour are right to block left-wing Jamie Driscoll from running to be North East Mayor and what's happening to Washington D.C.
Published 06/07/23
Iain and Jacqui discuss the mystery behind the Government’s legal challenge about the release of WhatsApp messages to the Covid Inquiry, Iain announces the temporary return of the Wednesday bonus podcast (but sans Jacqui), they talk about Joe Biden’s latest fall (makes a change from Iain), the...
Published 06/02/23