We got a special episode this week. We are thrilled to be joined my our good friends Michael Conrad and Noah Bailey to talk about their brand horror graphic novel "DOUBLE WALKER". We had an absolute blast chatting with our boys, and hope you don't wait and just dive right in to this really fun episode. That's right... Don't think about it. Just hit play! And if you like what you hear please consider supporting these guys by picking up "DOUBLE WALKER". Which is out now on Comixology and...
Published 07/21/21
In this week's episode, the FM3 go head-to-head with a group of little hairy bastards from outer space. Joined by some bumbling booger-faced bounty hunters that offer no help, the Forever Midnight crew decide to take matters into their own hands and blow the living shite out of some Crites! After saving the world (and some reverse action home remodeling), what better way to celebrate than by talking all about “Critters” (1986)
Published 07/13/21
The FM3 take Dragula debate about Robert Zombies newest film announcement. Then the FM crew head indoors to enjoy the newest demonic jump scare film in a real live actual movie theater!! With their bellies filled with paranormal popcorn the conversation ends up being more centered on “The Warrens” and how they may be full of not only horse shit but also delicious lies. So grab a crucifix and listen along as the Forever Midnight Podcast talks about “The Conjuring: The Devil made me do it”.
Published 06/22/21
In this week's episode, the FM crew kinda wanna start smoking, get over their fear of heights and go toe to tinker bell toe with a goddamn soul sucker. Sure they may have also seen a ghost kid stuck in a mannequin and numerous animal rights violations but all in all they got thru Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye (1985) in one piece and didn’t go diving into a giant oversized box fan like that creepy shark mouthed cookie elf. We win!!
Published 06/17/21
In this week's episode, the FM3 check out Zack Snyder’s 2021 blasterpiece, “Army Of The Dead”. While it may not be as SUPER or in the same LEAGUE as some of his other films, ol' Zack actually did the Zombie genre some JUSTICE by churning out a Summer Blockbuster-Style Action/Horror film - which was a fun way for the FM Crew to get back in them theater seats and chomp on some corn (while watching a zombie tiger chomp some cornhole idiot). Meet us at the helipad before the bomb drops, baybeees!
Published 06/09/21
Forever Midnight stumble upon a satchel of gold coins at the end of a wicked rainbow that landed outside the podcast studio. While discussing what they are gonna buy with all that loot, a real live Leprechaun (1993) starts stalking Ireland's favorite horror hosts. This little guy will stop at nothing to get his precious gold back I'm not pointing any long green fingers, but one of the FM3 swallowed a leprecoin while trying to tooth-test for authenticity. It looks like their luck just ran out...
Published 05/26/21
In the interest of science, the FM3 decided to do some actual research this week and figured that if Professor B. Ghoul says that the 2012 film “Sinister” is the scariest movie of all time, maybe they should finally check it out. With fresh lab coats, some snacks and a newly-vaxx'd pep in their step, the Forever Midnight crew fired up the old super 8 projector, and neither their lives nor the podcast will ever be the same...
Published 05/18/21
In this weeks episode the gang gets their fate chosen for them, and as usual they believe things will take a hard left turn to crap-town, But the beautiful angels from France aKa the Fry guys drop us a bloody good wild romp of a film in the little known Baby Blood (1990). Filled to the brim with a fine gravy of gore, car theft and butt babies this fine poutine of a film is most delicious.
Published 05/11/21
The FM crew embark on their annual Forever Midnight camping trip! After hiking to the marsh and roasting some mallows, your homies find themselves being chased through the woods by a couple of feral knucklehead brothers and their wiley, neckbraced Mom. The FM3 gather what weapons they can find and proceed to make mincemeat out of these shitbillies. But unbeknownst to them a butthole-eared SheSquatch is waiting in the bushes, getting ready to jump their bones. Happy "Mother's Day" (1980), I...
Published 05/03/21
We finally watched Ghoulies (1984), and life may never be the same. They discuss this wild-ass, rubber-filled film, its many faults, and its many charms. They ponder the choices made by the Band Clan and scratch their heads as to why the movie is even called 'Ghoulies.' After much talk about the dark-ass magic it took to make this film - the FM3 overall feel like they enjoyed their time with this janky picture and will probably jump aboard another rubber muppet-filled boat again very soon.
Published 04/19/21
Fm3, try and take a nice trip up to Big Bear for some rest and relaxation, but before they can say “GROTESQUE”, a clown-car full of maniac punks almost runs them off the road. These Hot Topic Terrorists end up chasing the FM3, who themselves are being chased by a lumpy-faced mutant. Luckily, two dipshit police bring the whole town to help, and even though they kill the good monsters and let the bad monsters go, WTF right? At least the Forever Midnight made it out safe. Oh, and there is a...
Published 04/12/21
In this week's episode, the Forever Midnight crew find themselves face to face with two dozen oatmeal-faced and jelly-filled ghouls in the 1979 Italian classic, “Zombie.” Besides being dumbfounded by the many sound quality and overdubbing issues, the FM3 found themselves super-impressed with how “The Italian Stallion“ (Lucio Fulci) made the most full-on, batshit nuts zombie battle in horror film history!
Published 04/05/21
The FM Crew head out to the Haunted Islands of Indonesia. While there they accidentally get mixed up with a demonic fortune teller who sends her ghoul gang to dispatch them, luckily the local Muslim church folks show up and pray the black magic woman to death. After that the FM posse hop on some dirt bikes and spend the rest of their sweet vacay trying to Evel Knievel big ass fruit trucks just like the mighty Herman in the 1980 Indonesian Horror Classic “Satan’s Slave”. What could go wrong?
Published 03/22/21
The Forever Midnight crew find themselves back at the infamous Bates Motel, where Norman is a famous reformed murderer in this 3rd installment of the Psycho franchise. The FM3 - fed up with being oogled thru the pepperoni peephole in room #1 - decide that it’s time to head off into the desert again, hitching a ride to LA to become famous podcasters. But before they can get out of town… they vanish. And wouldn’t you know it, old Norman is heading out to the swamp to make another deposit.
Published 03/15/21
Ciao, amici! In this week's episode, the gang at Forever Midnight decided to slip into the fine leather boot of Italy and peek into the mind of a Psychosexual killer in the 1973 film “Torso”. After witnessing smoking, choking and enough boobs to fill an Italian countryside vineyard, The FM3 felt even more sleazy and queasy than usual. After all was said and done, your friends at FM were still scratching their heads at some of the wuts, whys and hows of making slasher films in 1970’s Italy....
Published 03/08/21
FM3 take a trip to "Willy's Wonderland" (2021) where they witness Nicholas Cage doing a so-so Nicholas Cage impression while battling a possessed and woefully budget-assed Rock-a-Fire Rip-Off comprised of semi-menacing animatronic misfits. If your friends at FM haven't tipped their hand entirely, just know that sometimes the bad ones lead to the best chats! Crack a Punch Pop and enjoy!
Published 03/01/21
This weeks episode was chosen by one of the FM3’s faithful devotees over on Patreon. The fate bestowed on the FM crew was one they had not bargained on. Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best the FM crew see a familiar face - It is legendary actor Michael Berryman but Something is not right. As they continue into the unknown it is filled with surreal imagery, an insane making of backstory, making 2017’s “The Evil Within” a tour de force of literally the good, the bad and the utterly...
Published 02/22/21
The FM3 stumbled upon a horror treasure in the form of the 2020 film “His House”. To repay their debt to the Horror Gods, they must face the NightWitch, so that they might rejoin their unfortunate mission: to watch every s****y horror film. In their spasmodic throes of terror, they send the NightWitch back to the netherworld with their violent flailings. Amazing how a film told from a unique perspective can shake one's foundations! Now they can get back to reviewing such choice titles as...
Published 02/16/21
In this weeks episode the FM3 had their adventure chosen for them by one of their more infamous Top Dawgs over on Patreon. The film forced onto their weary eyes was the 1977 George Romero film “Martin”. Without much thought the FM crew threw on their best fake fangs and Dracula capes expecting this to be a regular romp thru the blood soaked fields of Transylvania - holy shit were they wrong.
Published 02/08/21
A boy’s best friend is his mother, but a horror podcast’s best friend is a motherfucking SEQUEL! When tasked with creating a Part II to Alfred Hitchcock’s groundbreaking horror masterpiece “Psycho” (1960) over 20 years later, you gotta put together the crack team of the time: Tom Holland, Dean Cundey, Jerry Goldsmith, Meg Tilly and…. Dennis Franz? Plus Anthony Perkins returns as Norman Bates who would KILL to prepare you a sandwich with milk. Join the FM3 for their discussion about Psycho II (1
Published 02/01/21
When a stranger calls, Forever Midnight let it go to voicemail! This latest VM extravaganza features not only new calls from some sweet strangers, but classic callers we know and love, who across the board seem to have been marinating their minds in the gutter over the past few months. These blush-worthy voicemails have the FM3 laughing and sweating it out as they answer your pressing horrno-themed queries. Adults only, please!
Published 01/25/21
Forever Midnight got a distress call from a “Forbidden World” (1982), so they flipped the tiny hyperspace switch, and were there in a jiffy to investigate! What they didn’t expect was having to battle a wicked-ass space-mutant made of trashbags. Luckily they used their vast scientific knowledge and punched at the mutant with a cancer steak until the monster chundered fro-yo all over the lab. it’s tough saving the universe one episode at a time, but some podcast’s gotta do it!
Published 01/18/21
This week, the FM-Threeniuses sneak into the dark ride at a seedy-ass carnival and attempt to spend the night, just for a hoot! Once inside, they stumble upon a monster getting a hand-whammy and decide that maybe this wasn't their brightest idea. The FM crew have to "hurry, hurry, and step right up" to the Barker and his Frankenstein-cosplaying son if they wanna make it out with their goldfish-baggies intact! Like an order of corndogs, your hosts come out a little bit battered and fried, but...
Published 01/11/21
The FM3 head to Dawson’s Beach to party it up! While hauling balls along the winding cliffs, they accidentally chowdered the Gorton’s fish stick guy who was standing in the middle of the road, fast asleep. Collectively they decide that rather than getting medical assistance, it would be a better move to just throw his ass in the ocean - from whence he came, right? Who will survive and what will be left of their crab shack? Find out as Forever Midnight debate the shlassic, “I Know What You Did...
Published 01/04/21