E051: How To Take Care Of Your Health While Having Fun
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Tamara Ghazi is a good friend and the founder of DISC: diversified integrated sports clinic, right here in Dubai. She became passionate about preventative care due to her involvement in sports and health awareness from a young age.  She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada, with a Bachelor of Sciences in Human Biology. She then went on to graduate from Palmer West Chiropractic College in San Jose California, which is recognized for its sports medicine and research programs. Dr. Ghazi has also completed her board certification in the United States and Canada.  Formalities aside, this is such a fun episode. We speak about community building, how to take care of your mind and body in a variety of ways, when to rest, how to rest, masculine vs feminine energy, sleep, and how to listen to your body.  Enjoy the episode! This episode is brought to you by Undrgoods: underwear that's ridiculously comfortable, environmentally conscious and unapologetically superior! Go to https://undrgoods.com/ and use the discount code FOREVERSTUDENT for a whopping 20% off!  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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