Dark Web Murder for Hire with Eileen Ormsby
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The host talks with former lawyer turned investigative journalist and Dark Web expert, Eileen Ormsby, who also writes for Casefile... Credits: Anonymous Host – narrator Mike Migas – producer Bonnie Robinson – associate producer with special guest Eileen Ormsby For all credits and sources please visit fromthefiles.com/dark-web-murder-for-hire-with-eileen-ormsby (https://fromthefiles.com/dark-web-murder-for-hire-with-eileen-ormsby/)
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Published 10/28/19
The host talks with David Videcette, a retired Scotland Yard detective turned crime writer and freelance investigator who has spent the past three years investigating the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh... Credits: David Videcette - special guest Anonymous Host - research, narration Erin Munro -...
Published 10/26/19
The host talks with Vikki Petraitis, a bestselling author who has written over a dozen true crime books, covering several cases featured on Casefile... Credits: Vikki Petraitis - special guest Anonymous Host - research, narration Erin Munro - research, writing Milly Raso - research, writing Elsha...
Published 09/28/19