Xiaomi recently won a case in US federal court to block implementation of a rule that would have prevented US persons from investing in their stock.  The announcement of this rule had initially sent their stock plummeting. Xiaomi and Luokung, another company facing this rule, have now given other similar companies a playbook for pushing back.  We talk with Tim O’Toole, a white collar defense and international trade lawyer at Miller & Chevalier.  Tim has brought numerous cases before the...
Published 05/27/21
Published 05/27/21
How China’s First Internet Companies Went IPO in the US with Xiaohu Ma, Partner at Hui Zhong Law Firm The Variable Interest Entity.  Sounds like a boring term an accountant or lawyer might use. Well it is an accounting term, but it’s anything but boring when you know how its used in the real world.  It’s the key to how all Chinese internet companies have been structured to go IPO outside of China for the last 20 years.  Let’s just say it’s a bit of a clunky workaround to deal with...
Published 05/07/21
On the heels of the Shanghai Automotive Show, Bill Russo of Automobility joins us for a deep dive on the automotive industry and which types of players are likely to be winners and losers in the biggest global markets - China and the US. 
Published 04/22/21
Our latest deep dive on China tech.  We look at the China semiconductor industry and the challenges it faces as it seeks to bring more of the value chain home locally and rely less on foreign suppliers.  A bridge too far?  Have a listen and find out. Guests: Stewart Randall, Director of Operations and Global Lead for Electronics and Embedded at Intralink in Shanghai. Nalin Balan, Head of Sales and Business Development for Reality AI in San Francisco and former Head of IP Sales for Asia...
Published 04/13/21
An In-depth conversation with Ker Gibbs, President of Amcham Shanghai
Published 03/02/21
In this episode we lean on the experience of 3 foreigner businesspeople - Rich Robinson, Joanne Wood, and Dan Krassenstein - who each spend decades living in China.  A wide ranging discussion on favorite China personal experiences
Published 01/27/21
In this episode we lean on the experience of 3 foreigner businesspeople - Rich Robinson, Joanne Wood, and Dan Krassenstein - who each spend decades living in China.  A wide ranging discussion on favorite China personal experiences, lessons to adapt to doing business in China, and how they see cross-border trade and investment trends with China shaping up the future.
Published 01/26/21
In the wake of the recent IPO, we interview three early members of the Airbnb China team on how Airbnb found and stuck to its core advantages against an array of local competitors. And how it managed to emerge as a rare Western tech startup success story in China. Guest lineup:  Robert Hao, Co-Founder and COO of Hype, Ltd.; Director of Business Operations and Strategy, HCO, Head of Supply at Airbnb 2012-2017  Bryan Huang, Founder at Annabai Technology; IT Manager at Airbnb 2015-2018  Ziyang...
Published 12/29/20
When you look at the actual origin of investment flows, China is now the biggest investor in Indonesia. And two macro trends are currently at play in the trade relationship. Chinese (and other) manufacturers are diversifying out of China and finding relatively young and affordable Indonesian labor attractive especially as other countries like Vietnam become saturated and more expensive. And Indonesia as we know has become a major potential market for an investment opportunities by Chinese...
Published 11/20/20
We interview Lishuang Chen, Founder & CEO at A&J Consulting International. On the challenges and opportunities for Chinese companies doing business in India.  ·       Branding – how are Chinese brands viewed in India in these tense political times? ·       Management styles – how much do Chinese companies localize and how do management styles need to adapt? ·       Regulatory challenges – how do Chinese companies navigate India’s historically difficult regulatory environment? ·      ...
Published 11/11/20
Our Roundtable format continues with predictions for whether new foreign investment will increase, decrease or continue to flatline in the next 5 years. Our panel includes: Paul Lin - Brand Marketing Consultant at Xavor Corporation and Chair of the Marketing Committee at Amcham Shanghai Nico Bahmanyar, Senior Consultant at LEAF, a French law firm in China Tommy Greb, Partner at Olivar & Greb Capital Management We dissect the consumer, tech, and financial services sectors and give feedback...
Published 11/05/20
What could possibly stop a seemingly unstoppable Chinese fintech company? Let's get into it here on the upcoming Ant Financial IPO. A roundtable edition of Ganbei with special guests: - James Hull, Founder of Hullx and co-host of the China Tech Investor Podcast - Brian Fleming, Member at Miller & Chevalier, co-host of the podcast EMBARGOED! - Jemma Xu, Co-Founder at RedBlock Capital James helps us break down the business units of Ant, their competitive strengths and how the company got as...
Published 10/29/20
Indonesia's and China's technology ecosystems continue to interweave and overlap. BAce Capital is a venture firm whose very mission is to connect markets such as Indonesia to China's dynamic tech eco-system. Claiming Ant Financial as its anchor LP, the firm was founded by Ant and Alibaba veterans Benny Chen and "KK" Kshitij Karundia. In this instalment of Sino Indo Tekno with Art Dicker and Allan Hellawell, Benny reflects on the many benefits that the Indonesian entrepreneur can realize in...
Published 10/27/20
A Deep Dive on the Huawei Restrictions – Part 3 – The China Response and the Impact on US Tech · Can China afford to escalate to a tit-for-tat fight on technology? · How China’s rules are written on the surface never to target any particular company · Will US technology suppliers to Huawei be successful again in applying for license exemptions to the new ban? · Does the US intervening in technology licensing and services do more harm than good in the short and long-term? · Are some buyers in...
Published 08/25/20
A Deep Dive on the Huawei Restrictions – Part 2 – Effect on Huawei’s Business and Technology · Potential effect across all business lines – handsets, networks, etc.? · Can Huawei survive this ban as a business? Could it be stronger in the end? · What obstacles stand in the way of China building an independent semiconductor technology ecosystem? · How long will it take to build the next generation of these local champions? · Will it be too late for Huawei and 5G?
Published 08/25/20
A Deep Dive on the Huawei Restrictions – Part 1 – The New Rule Explained · The most recent restrictions on Huawei explained · Detailed timeline of restriction escalations and bans by other countries · Core vs edge computing and why 5G presents so many data security risks · Data privacy frameworks struggling to cope with the “black box” of a modern 5G telecom network such as Huawei’s
Published 08/25/20
We are joined by Brian Fleming, Member at leading Washington DC law firm, Miller & Chevalier. Before joining the firm, Brian spent several years at the US Department of Justice working on national security issues related to export control, CFIUS investigations, and other compliance and enforcement efforts on international trade. Brian and Art discuss the recent Executive Orders restricting the use of WeChat and TikTok and the ongoing discussions about a potential sale of TikTok and the...
Published 08/12/20
Sino-Indo Tekno - Comparing the Podcast Markets in China and Indonesia The joint Sino Indo Tekno series continues with Tyo Guritno, founder of leading Indonesia podcasting platform Inspigo. Alan Hellawell of the Indo-Tekno Podcast and Ganbei host Art Dicker dive into a comparison of the two podcast markets. The China podcasting market is much bigger than its relatively nascent Indonesian counterpart. But the potential for growth in Indonesia is enormous especially as content producers and...
Published 08/04/20
We talk with Momo Estrella, Head of Digital Design at IKEA China. Momo was previously Senior Design Lead at IDEO in Shanghai.
Published 07/09/20
We talk with the often-quoted authority on KOL marketing in China, Elijah Whaley, CMO at Parklu about how brands work with KOLs in China. • How does a brand engage a KOL? • How does a KOL campaign measure cost and impact? • How does the math work for ROI on a KOL campaign? • How do brands enable micro-influencer Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs) to spread their message? • How do brands build authentic communities out of KOL campaigns? • How can brands make their product experience more shareable?...
Published 06/11/20
We talk with Paul Lin, long-time China resident and chair of the Marketing Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce. On e-commerce trends and how brands reach consumers before and after COVID-19.
Published 05/13/20
We interview X-FLY Drone Racing founder Chen Cheng (in Chinese) about what inspired him to drop his PhD in physics in the US, jump into drone racing, and turn it into a business in China.
Published 05/09/20
We interview Charles Liao, who was born in China and grew up in the US, on how he was able to launch multiple successful startups in China.
Published 05/09/20