The Psychology of Taking Risks in Your 20s with Jemma Sbeg
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Are you more risk-seeking or risk-averse? Should you be taking more risks than you are in your 20s? And what does it actually MEAN to take risks in a good way? This week Jemma Sbeg from the Psychology of Your 20s podcast joins us to talk about all of this and more! SHOP MERCH: The Impress Yourself Collection Girls with Goals Group Chat: Geneva  Follow AC on Instagram: @anncatherinconneen Follow Caroline on Instagram: @carolineconneen Follow AC on Tik Tok: @anncatherineconneen Follow Caroline on Tik Tok: @carolineconneen Listen to us on the Psychology of Your 20s Follow Jemma on Instagram! Our Sponsors: * Check out Happy Mammoth and use my code GOALS for a great deal: * Check out Quince: * Check out Rosetta Stone and use my code TODAY for a great deal: * Check out The Wonderful Company: Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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