Dusty Slay Drank Gas Once & Hasn't Liked It Since
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Comedian Dusty Slay (Netflix's Workin' Man, We're Having A Good Time Podcast) joins Whitney Cummings on a brand new episode of the Good For You Podcast where they delve into the most pressing topics of our time: wheat thins, rat kings, country butter, putting nature in your body, Russian neighbors, fire obsessions, Shirley Temple, Dan Schneider, never doing the Comedy Cellar and of course, Bill Gates. Thank you to our sponsors! SHHTAPE - https://shhtape.com CODE: WHITNEY MORGAN & MORGAN - https://forthepeople.com/whitney. #LAW(529) GENUCEL - https://genucel.com/whitney SHOPIFY - https://shopify.com/whitney KIWIco - https://kiwico.com/panda CODE: WHITNEY Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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