Raise your hand if you’ve ever been frustrated with or hated your job, and wanted to leave. I know MY hand went up, and I think I heard ALL of yours, too. We’ve all been there.  One thing we’ve learned over many years of helping people make career changes is that it’s about way more than changing jobs. Larry Chase fell in love with beer and ended up working in breweries for 20 years. Recently he even took that to another level. It was all about the evolution.
Published 01/10/22
Published 01/10/22
Many high performers work hard to climb the corporate ladder. Reaching an executive level is a crowning achievement. Or is it? Dan Ruley had worked his way up to become the Director of Sales, but (another) conflict arose between family and work, leading to him losing his job. Re-evaluating his priorities, he learned that an executive level role wasn’t right for him and, even though his new role is technically a step down, he now makes more and is able to focus on what he does best.
Published 01/03/22
If you want to take more control of your career or create your own position in your existing company, there’s no way around it: You are about to have some awkward conversations with your boss. But, what if a few well planned uncomfortable convos could lead you to everything you wanted out of your work (along with your boss’s stamp of approval)?  Would it be worth it then? My guess is ABSOLUTELY! 
Published 01/01/22
Do you feel like you’re leaving your family behind while you try to gain success in your career? Or maybe you feel stuck in your career because you’re trying to be there for your family? Or maybe you feel like you can’t do either one well, but can’t find a way out? Mike also felt that way. But he found a few things that allowed him to create his dream career and spend quality time with his family. Today, he shares these secrets that are often overlooked.
Published 12/31/21
Many of us get exhausted. Maybe it’s because of a lack of sleep. Maybe it’s from working too much or too hard. Maybe it’s from stress. But being exhausted doesn’t mean that it’s a negative in your life. Laura was used to be exhausted, but now it’s different. “Whereas I would leave work before exhausted because I was bored. I was kind of frustrated with myself for continuing to be bored. So, I still leave work exhausted. It's just that now the exhaustion is from kind of flexing my brain and...
Published 12/30/21
“I can only use the company’s online form to apply.” I hear this all the time, and it certainly seems true. However, even when it seems like there’s only one door, I’ve seen several effective ways to get around the gatekeepers. Michal Balass found her way into a government agency, even though it seemed like there was only one way to get in. She shares her story of how she did it.
Published 12/29/21
Wondering if you have to choose between another degree and staying in the comfortably-miserable job you’re in right now? There’s a third option: A more unconventional way to get unstuck without starting over from the bottom. It uses the experience you have in your career while allowing you to find a role that you love. What is this unconventional approach?  Listen to the first episode in our 3 part series: How to Get Unstuck (Without Starting Over) to find out.
Published 12/28/21
Career change can seem scary and difficult because you don’t know what will really happen. While you may not be able to see the future, you can still learn from career changes others made in the past and see where they are now. Coaches Phillip Migyanko and Liz McLean share the top 3 lessons from people that have made successful career changes over the past 9 years.
Published 12/27/21
If someone asked you right now, “what is your passion?” Would you have an answer?  People tend to devote a lot of their time and energy to figuring out what their passion is. We've worked with a lot of people that had a career they were passionate about, but they discovered that passion wasn’t really the key to career happiness. Thomas Williams had a passion for football that carried him into an NFL career, but an injury led him to re-evaluate his identity and opened his eyes to find his...
Published 12/20/21
A ton of people have taken strengths assessments, and have a good idea of what their top strengths are, but many people never dig deep enough to really understand them, or even how to leverage them. Judith also felt this way, even after taking several assessments. But after working with a coach, she finally learned to really understand her strengths, as well as how to leverage them in her career search.
Published 12/13/21
We've all experienced setbacks in life, but it's about how we react to them that makes the difference between reaching our goals or letting them fall by the wayside. When it comes to career change, many people, including High Performers, are bound to stumble on a few things before ultimately reaching their new career. Is your career change going nowhere fast? It was for our guest, Sarah Hawkins. That is, until she asked for help (when she knew that she needed it!).
Published 12/06/21
Your mental limitations are keeping you from making a larger impact in your life and career. I know because I have had the same problem, and hit the same roadblocks. I don’t consider myself as someone who thinks small, but this year, Alyssa and I decided to get some outside help to break through our own mental limitations. And it made a huge difference! We share the top ways you can break through your own limitations and finally start setting goals that actually make an impact on your life.
Published 11/29/21
If you set a small goal, you’re probably going to succeed. But, if you set ambitious goals and work hard to reach them, it’ll be more rewarding.  But the problem with setting challenging goals is that many people don't have faith in themselves to accomplish those higher goals. And so they attempt to lower the stakes to keep themselves in their comfort zone. Andy Molinsky shares the 5 key challenges underlying our avoidance tendencies and how to overcome them to achieve your goals.
Published 11/22/21
We are super excited to be expanding our team! If you are a multi-talented Growth Hacker/Marketing Operations Leader and are not only great at what you do, but also love helping others (and love being ridiculously helpful even), then we want to hear from you! Check it out or share with a friend: happentoyourcareer.com/careers  
Published 11/17/21
A lot of people feel stuck in their jobs. Trying to break out can seem difficult or impossible (spoiler alert - it’s not actually impossible). Adam Bloom felt stuck from the beginning as he graduated law school and entered the workforce as the 2008 recession was starting. The longer he stayed a lawyer, the more he felt stuck. After several attempts to leave, he finally learned how to set himself up to pivot into what he really wanted to be doing.
Published 11/15/21
Most people think that they want less responsibility. But here's what you really want instead. Take a listen to this disappearing episode to find out. To binge-listen to more career happiness success stories, find all the podcasts at https://happentoyourcareer.com/podcast Want to know high-performers discover their ideal career and find meaningful, well-paid work without starting over https://www.happentoyourcareer.com/career-change-advice-guide-backed-by-research/  Or to tell us more...
Published 11/11/21
Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing - especially during a career change - but you can learn to minimize and overcome that fear. Margaret Fredrickson learned how to overcome her fear of admitting who she was and what she wanted. We get really deep into how a career search is so much more than just a job search - it’s finding a career and a lifestyle that fits your needs. Margaret was able to get a great role that she, quite frankly, wouldn't have earned otherwise.
Published 11/08/21
There is one thing that stops people from changing careers more than anything else. Indecision. Overthinking. “What if it doesn’t work out?” “What if I don’t like my coworkers?” “Am I qualified?” Questions keep filling your mind and keep you going in circles - and you miss out. How can you stop overthinking and finally start making decisions? Phillip Migyanko and Sharissa Sebastian discuss how you can stop this paralyzing process and make the decisions that really matter
Published 11/01/21
High performers don't start working on what's important to them January 1st. You shouldn't either. If you want to make a career change in 2022 here's how you can get started now, not later.  Also a sneak preview of our new book coming in August. Plus a brand new first chance at a first look program. 
Published 10/26/21
Do job qualifications always matter? The simple answer is not always. Many times the listed job qualifications are there to automatically filter out candidates so the employer doesn’t have to, and this derails a lot of people.  Cheri found herself in a job that wasn’t what she thought it would be and. While she was searching for a new role, she intially bypassed the roles she really wanted because she didn’t feel qualified. Fast forward - how did she end up landing one of these roles anyway?
Published 10/25/21
It takes a large amount of time to do a career pivot - and even more time to make the bigger changes that we discuss often on this podcast. Even though you end up with a role that fits you and delivers what you really want in your life, it can be difficult to find the time to make it happen. But you’ll never “find” enough time - you have to create the time. Phillip Migyanko and I discuss specific tactics that you can use to create 30+ hours a month to focus on your highest priorities.
Published 10/18/21
Many people seem to get lucky in life. That’s because the science of happiness works whether you are intentional or not.  To get the best results, though, you must be intentional in your actions surrounding your life and career. Jenn Lim shares how she learned to identify what was really important to her after she was laid off from her job and her dad was diagnosed with cancer. She learned how to be intentional and use science to create her own luck.
Published 10/11/21
Once you decide to make a career change, you’ll have many roadblocks and mental barriers to overcome. Often, people allow their own fears to stand in the way to make that change. You know that you NEED to change, but you don’t see how you can actually pivot to where you want to go. After working with people for years, it’s been proven that the hard work, endless days, sleepless nights, and the energy it took to make a successful transition in their career is worth it in the end.
Published 10/04/21
Not all career changes work out - the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. So what do you do when you realize that your previous career actually fit you? How do you pivot back into that career path after some time has passed (and the field has likely advanced)? Louie shares why he changed careers from medical imaging into IT, the struggles he faced when he made that change, and how he pivoted back into medical imaging, ultimately leading him to career and life happiness.
Published 09/27/21