Book Club Meets: Activism, misogyny, and Page 3, with Jo Cheetham
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Don’t underestimate the power your voice has. This is the key message to come from Happy Place Book Club read, Killjoy, which tells the incredible true story of the No More Page 3 campaign, and the unlikely everyday women who made a generational change possible.   Fearne chats to author Jo Cheetham about their early memories of Page 3, street harassment, and how cultural messages can affect the way we relate to our own bodies.   They also talk about acknowledging anger and channelling that rage into something productive, and Jo shares how self-sabotage nearly stopped her writing this book in the first place.   Join the Happy Place Book Club on Instagram @happyplacebookclub – DM your messages and voicenotes about April’s read, The List Of Suspicious Things, to have your thoughts shared on the podcast!   ...and don’t worry, there are no Killjoy plot spoilers in this episode!   This episode features extracts from the audiobook of Killjoy, narrated by Jo Cheetham, with thanks to Picador.   Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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