Dan is joined by the New York Daily News' Kristian Winfield (@Krisplashed) to cover a looooot of ground. They talk about the NBA's restart plan and latest updates, as well as Kristian's experience covering the recent protests in-person. After that, they talk about the potential Delete Eight bubble, and then, it's the Brooklyn Nets' turn to enter the "7 Questions, Never Less" pressure-cooker: Can Caris LeVert turn into a star? What's his potential fit beside Kyrie and KD look like? Is Jarrett...
Published 07/09/20
Come on down, Milwaukee Bucks fans! Your team is next up in our decade-ranking series. With input from you, dear listeners, Adam and Dan rank the top 10 players to suit up for the Bucks since the 2010-11 season. No spoilers here: We know where Giannis Antetokounmpo land. Everything after him—or at least the top three—is up in the air. Names like Brandon Jennings, Eric Bledsoe, Malcolm Brogdon, Brook Lopez, Larry Sanders, Ersan Ilyasova and more are all hard to place. Who ended up where? It's...
Published 07/07/20
Ready or not, it's time to rank the top 10 Miami Heat players of the past decade. The tippy-top of this exercise is fairly consensus, but plenty of questions remain: Does Dwyane Wade have a case to beat out LeBron James? Will Jimmy Butler make the cut on this list? What about Ray Allen? And Justise Winslow? How high has Bam Adebayo climbed? How low as Hassan Whiteside fallen? Let's rank.
Published 07/03/20
Hardwood Knocks is joined by Yasmin (@carmelohdrama), a co-host of the Dishes & Dimes podcast and the author of The Neon Playbook journal, to talk about the latest in NBA bubble happenings, player archetypes and all things Raptors, including: Pascal Siakam vs. Jayson Tatum, OG Anunoby's development, Toronto's title defense, Fred VanVleet's free agency, the deification of Kyle Lowry and the Giannis Antetokounmpo-sized elephant in the room.
Published 07/01/20
Come on down, Memphis Grizzlies! You're the next subject of our "Ranking the top 10 players of the decade for every NBA team!" series. Adam and Dan thoroughly enjoyed recording this one, and while we're ultra-biased, we highly recommend this pod for non-Grizzlies fans (and obviously Grizz faithful), just because of how many quality players this team has churned out. You all know Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, Zach Randolph and Tony Allen made the cut. But where did Rudy Gay fall? How high did Ja...
Published 06/29/20
Woo buddy, was the 1996 NBA draft class loaded or what? Kobe Bryant. Steve Nash. Allen Iverson. Ray Allen. Jermaine O'Neal. The undrafted Ben Wallace. The list goes on and on and on. For the 24th anniversary of this historically great class, Adam and Dan each drafted a six-man rotation. The goal here is to build the best team, which means the best player available doesn't always enter into the equation. We're angling for fit—and to beat the other. If you'd like to see more podcasts like this...
Published 06/26/20
Jabari Ali Davis (@JabariDavisNBA) from the Dunks and Discourse podcast stops by for an ultra-packed episode. First, he and Dan discuss the NBA's latest return-to-play news. Then, they discuss the reaction to Kyrie Irving's "Let's not play" stance, and whether the players can make a bigger difference by heading to Disney World or sitting out. After that, we get to the meat and potatoes of the podcast: Our biggest question for each of the NBA's eight non-bubble teams moving forward. Should the...
Published 06/22/20
The Los Angeles Lakers are next up in Hardwood Knocks' decade-ranking series. Along with Adam Fromal (@fromal09), Dan goes through the top 10 Lakers dating back to the 2010-11 season, as determined not only by our thoughts, but the votes of our listeners. We all know where Kobe Bryant lands, but what about LeBron James? Does Anthony Davis make the cut? What about Lamar Odom? Or Andrew Bynum? It's been a weird decade in Lakers basketball. Let's talk about it.
Published 06/18/20
Ever wonder who would win a 1-on-1 tournament that included EVERY SINGLE PLAYER IN NBA HISTORY? Well, wonder no more. Adam Fromal (@fromal09) is back with Dan to talk about the results from NBA Math's All-Time 1-on-1 tournament. Every player in league history was put into height brackets, and matchups were determined by seeding players relative to win-share totals. From there, fans voted on who would win each game (standard pickup rules), all the way up to the final 16 players. Adam and Dan...
Published 06/16/20
Hardwood Knocks' decade-ranking series is back! As per usual, Dan is joined by Adam Fromal (@fromal09) to discuss which 10 players make the cut. The Los Angeles Clippers are the next team to enter our pressure-cooker, and with the help of our wonderful listeners, we've identified the best of the best from this past decade, beginning with the 2010-11 season. And while there's consensus at the top, because Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are forever, things get wacky when...
Published 06/12/20
Dan is joined by Bleacher Report's Grant Hughes (@gt_hughes) to break down all aspects of the NBA's newly scheduled return once and for all. They offer their impressions of the 22-team bubble in Disney World and then get into the biggest winners and losers of how this season is now slated to play out. After that, they dig into the ultra-short offseason currently scheduled leading into the 2020-21 campaign before going on a deep-dive Brooklyn Nets tangent that covers Kevin Durant, Kyrie...
Published 06/10/20
A brief message from Hardwood Knocks: Let's normalize not sticking to sports. With protests still happening around the country—around the world—following the killing of George Floyd at the hands of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on Memorial Day, HWK would like to offer support to everyone protesting and speaking out against police brutality and the centuries-old oppression of black people. Our undivided attention is the least we can give. People of color also deserve our...
Published 06/08/20
The Indiana Pacers are next up in Hardwood Knocks' decade-ranking series. There is a consensus No. 1, who will not yet be named, but after him, there's a lot to debate. How high does Victor Oladipo belong? Is George Hill underrated? Plus, Dan and Adam go deep on the future of Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis.
Published 05/29/20
The Houston Rockets are next up in Hardwood Knocks' decade-player series, and sheesh, are they a doozy. Plenty of good players have suited up for them over the past 10 years, owed in no small part to Daryl Morey's penchant for wheeling and dealing. And with so many short-but-impactful tenures, Dan and Adam have some major differences on their hands, including the placements of Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, as well as the eligibility of Russell Westbrook. They also get into why James Harden is...
Published 05/26/20
Hardwood Knocks is back on the decade-rankings grind. Next up: We're ranking the top 10 Golden State Warriors since 2010-11, a process that leads us to tackle some profound questions. Is Andre Iguodala a Hall of Famer? Is Stephen Curry underappreciated? Is Draymond Green more important to the Dubs' success than Klay Thompson? How should Kevin Durant's time with Golden State be remembered? Dan and Adam will answer all this, and more.
Published 05/21/20
After watching all 10 episodes of the last dance, neither Dan nor Bleacher Report's Grant Hughes (@gt_hughes) has ever had less of an inclination to debate the legacies of Michael Jordan and LeBron James. This isn't necessarily a hedge either! They get into why it's so hard to compare the two, the differences in their mythology, the distinction between "best" and "greatest," how media coverage has shaped their reputations and much, much more.
Published 05/19/20
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Published 05/19/20
NBA Math's Adam Fromal (@fromal09) is back to rank the top 10 Detroit Pistons players of the decade with Dan Favale. Let's just say this one was hard. Is there a consensus No. 1? Did Blake Griffin make the cut already? Remember Greg Monroe? And Rodney Stuckey? Don't worry. We're about to have some fun.
Published 05/13/20
Welcome to another edition of The Dance After 'The Last Dance.' This time, following episodes seven and eight of ESPN's epic Michael Jordan/Chicago Bulls documentary, Andy and Dan get into the attempted humanization of His Airness, who is typically revered to the point of mythology. They dive deeper into his maniacal desire to win, his treatment of his teammates, his unique leadership style, the murder of his father and much more. After that, they offer a list of topics they're hoping to see...
Published 05/11/20
Dan is joined by Bleacher Report's Grant Hughes (@gt_hughes) to an exercise in imagineering. They each single out NBA sidekicks—No. 2 and No. 3 options OR non-scorers—who they would like to see in a first-option's role and then try to envision how they'd pan out. Think along the lines of Bradley Beal taking the reins in Washington and Pascal Siakam thriving without Kawhi Leonard. We're looking for our favorite similar cases. Let us know what you think, or if there's anyone you think we left off.
Published 05/08/20
Welcome back to The Dance After The Last Dance! Andy and Dan offer some more insight and opinions into the 1997-98 Bulls and 'The Last Dance' documentary in general, tackling everything from Michael Jordan's gambling and beef with Isiah Thomas and Jerry Krause, to the 1992 Dream Team, his interest in Adidas over Nike, Dennis Rodman's defensive versatility and what they'd like to see from the final four episodes of 'The Last Dance'.
Published 05/04/20
Our decade-player rankings continue with the Denver Nuggets. As always, with your input, Dan and Adam have sought to identify the 10 most impactful players of the decade for the Nuggets franchise, weighing everything from sample size to efficiency and so much more. Where does Nikola Jokic land? How about Jamal Murray? Did you also forget Ty Lawson exists? Let's dance.
Published 04/29/20
Published 04/29/20
Episodes three and four of The Last Dance documentary were LIT. Let's talk about them. But first, we get into Rudy Gobert's trade value and the news that certain NBA teams will be allowed to reopen their gyms to players for individual workouts. After that, we dive into everything we've learned about Dennis Rodman, Michael Jordan's relationship with the media during his playing days, Scottie Pippen's trade demand, Phil Jackson and so much more!
Published 04/27/20
Hardwood Knocks encounters the toughest edition of their decade rankings series yet with the Dallas Mavericks. Dirk Nowitizki's finish is obvious, but the rest of the pecking order? Not so much. Never mind where Luka Doncic lands. What about Tyson Chandler, Shawn Marion, Jason Terry, Vince Carter and JJ Barea? And did Jason Kidd play enough to make the cut? Enough chitchat. Let's rank.
Published 04/20/20