Join us this week for a chaotic yelling about the deleted scenes from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! We see Harry interact with yet another dead hand and are delighted to see more of Hogwarts at Christmas! Follow along with us on the deleted scenes on YouTube with the fabulous French subtitles we chat about during the episode.  Thanks again for listening and join us very soon for Season 3, Movie 3, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!
Published 07/28/21
Episode 15: (Minutes 2:21:11 to END) This week finally puts us out of our misery as this long movie comes to a screeching halt in the last few scenes. We get excruciatingly slow deliveries of lines in Dumby’s office as well as a revelation in what Lucius actually starts to say to Harry in the hall (spoiler-not trying to kill the kid. We were shocked, too). Join us for the last few moments of cheese in the final chunk of this movie and join us for the bonus episode (deleted scenes!) next week!!
Published 07/21/21
Episode 14: (Minutes 2:10:32 to 2:21:11) This week continues the “battle” between HP and the basilisk while Hot Tom continues to hang out monologuing. We take issue with the camera choices during this chunk and wonder why Hot Tom wouldn’t just kill Harry himself? Also, is the basilisk even a snake?? Enjoy our ranting in this penultimate episode, ALMOST DONE WITH SEASON TWO! (Whew!) Join us next week for minutes 2:21:11 to THE END! (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Dumbledore saying, “It...
Published 07/14/21
Episode 13: (Minutes 2:00:45 to 2:10:32) This week winds us deeper into the chamber to meet Hot (Ghost) Tom and the largest snake you ever did see. We enjoy the ridiculous drama of it all but have to question where Fawkes was hanging out in between appearances?? Enjoy our slightly ADHD episode this week and make sure to join us for the final two episodes before Season 3 (finally!) begins. Join us next week for minutes 2:10:32 to 2:21:11! (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Tom saying to...
Published 07/07/21
Episode 12: (Minutes 1:50:58 to 2:00:45) This week finds us in the hospital wing with Harry touching yet another petrified hand, this time belonging to Hermione. Cory drops some knowledge about the history of the pipes at Hogwarts and Andrea realizes she doesn’t know what the bones are in the Chamber of Secrets...so much to discover! Join us next week for minutes 2:00:45 to 2:10:32! (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Ron telling Lockhart, “Go on.”)
Published 06/30/21
Episode 11: (Minutes 1:41:48 to 1:50:58) This week follows the spiders into the Forbidden Forest to get some info from a wet-mouthed, wheezing Aragog.  We rejoice when we see the Ford Anglia but have some real problems with Hagrid’s hut (again!). Join us next week for minutes 1:50:58 to 2:00:45! (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Harry saying, “He was innocent.”)
Published 06/23/21
Episode 10: (Minutes 1:29:19 to 1:41:48) This week sucks us inside of a diary to show us the occurrences from 50 years ago in sepia tone..and oh so quickly. We wonder about the decision to show other students their friend’s petrified body, how old was hot Tom, and who would be that calm going to prison?! Join us next week for minutes 1:41:48 to 1:50:58! (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Fudge saying, “Come, Hagrid”.)
Published 06/16/21
Episode 9: (Minutes 1:19:32 to 1:29:19) This week we put two unconscious children in a closet and steal their identities for a bit (problematic). We can’t understand why we bothered with keeping Ron and Harry’s voices in the bodies and why would HP still need glasses?! Listen for our theories on the diary being sentient and the possibility that Hermione could be the next Moaning Myrtle. Join us next week for minutes 1:29:19 to 1:41:48. (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with zooming in on the...
Published 06/09/21
Episode 8: (Minutes 1:09:14  to 1:19:32) This week explains why everyone stared at Harry like a freak for talking to a snake and we wonder why this never came up before? We discuss the clunky petrified ghost/Justin scene and why is that baby phoenix gooey?! Stick around for the post-credits and the melodrama of Cory’s neighbors. Join us next week for minutes 1:19:32 to 1:29:19 (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Harry saying to Ron, “Come on, lets get them.”)
Published 06/02/21
Episode 7: (Minutes 59:13 to 1:09:14) This week we wake up hearing disembodied voices and find Dobby staring us right in the freaking face. We question what time period this hospital wing is from and who allowed the dueling club to become such an absolute shitshow? And some snake chatting, of course. Join us next week for minutes 1:09:14  to 1:19:32. (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Harry looking at Lockhart, then at Snape)
Published 05/26/21
Episode 6: (Minutes 51:18 to 59:13) This week finds us in a beautiful library looking at a very weird version of “Most Potente Potions”-then flings us back onto the quidditch pitch. We have to talk about this chaotic match and why, dear god, did we have to make the boneless arm noises so awful?! Stay tuned for the post-credits to hear Cory’s Rocky Horror musings. Join us next week for minutes 59:13 to 1:09:14. (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Madame Pomfrey saying “What did you expect?...
Published 05/19/21
Episode 5: (Minutes 39:51 to 51:18) This week opens in Hagrid’s Hut of Horror and chases us into the corridor to find the bloody (high up!) message. We can’t help but laugh at the petrified Mrs. Norris and question so many things about this discovery scene like what time is it?! Who would notice spiders?? Join us next week for minutes 51:18 to 59:13! (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Ron looking back at a smirking Malfoy in Transfiguration class.)
Published 05/12/21
Episode 4: (Minutes 29:27 to 39:51) This week drags us to Snape’s hot mess office for a dramatic tongue-lashing followed by a chaotic Defense Against the Dark Arts class. We discuss our shared fear of the pixies as well as the mystery age of the red-headed quidditch player for Slytherin. Stick around for the post-credits where we discuss the far-distant potential of another nerdy podcast..(yikes). (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with the trio rushing away from the crowd, Malfoy snickering)
Published 05/05/21
Episode 3: (Minutes 19:38 to 29:27) This week shoves us between two adult men at Flourish and Blotts and then into a visibly flying car on the way to Hogwarts! Andrea has trouble with the 10:58 timetable, Cory doesn’t love the puppet Hedwig, and we both didn’t need that hanging out of the car scene. Enjoy the post-credits of Andrea falling down the stairs like an a-hole while recording. Join us next week for minutes 29:27 to 39:51! (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Filch saying “Oh my,...
Published 04/28/21
Episode 2: (Minutes 10:30 to 19:38) This week lands us at the Burrow for the first time where we are met with Molly’s unconvincing wrath and poor Ginny’s shell of a character. We have questions about floo powder and would actually love to take a trip down Knockturn Alley to touch spooky stuff... Join us next week for minutes 19:38 to 29:27! (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Molly telling the kids to wait outside and stumbling slightly)
Published 04/21/21
Episode 1: (Minutes 0 to 10:30) This week zooms us into life at the Dursley’s in the summer before Harry’s second year at Hogwarts. Cory questions if Hedwig is already a puppet and Andrea finds Dobby AND Harry’s treatment of Dobby troublesome… This jam-packed chunk flies us off to The Burrow next week! Join us next week for minutes 10:30 to 19:38! (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Ron saying “By the way, Harry, happy birthday”)
Published 04/14/21
This week is a bonus episode of our live reactions to watching the deleted scenes together. We vote whether they should have been kept or buried and laugh like crazy people throughout. Enjoy and watch along with us if you'd like! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62V11-X2IKw
Published 04/07/21
Episode 14: (Minutes 2:14:00 to THE END!) This FINAL CHUNK gets us to the end of the year feast and the end of Season One! Thank you SO MUCH for listening and join us again soon for SEASON TWO, HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS!!!
Published 03/31/21
Episode 13: (Minutes 2:06:53 to 2:14:00) This week brings us down yet another mystery set of stairs to finally confront the person (persons?) trying to steal the Sorcerer’s Stone. Cory drops a theory about this unknown space and confesses to an odd crush on villains. This penultimate chunk gets us to the final confrontation and almost to the end of the first movie! Join us next week for minutes 2:14:00 to THE END! (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Harry smiling as Dumbledore leaves the...
Published 03/24/21
Episode 12: (Minutes 1:58:08 to 2:06:53) This week moves us into the next enchantments in this weird, unknown space at Hogwarts. Cory finally gets the moment he’s been waiting for to vent about the missing challenges (manifesto provided upon demand…) This dramatic chunk wraps up the enchantments while giving Ron his chessboard moment of glory. Join us next week for minutes 2:06:53 to 2:14:08! (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Harry walking down the stairs to the next enchantment...)
Published 03/17/21
Episode 11: (Minutes 1:48:57 to 1:58:08) This week we sneak out of our dorms and down the trap door. We wonder how far down can this trap door really go and IS there a spy network via the portraits?! This chunk brings the trio to the enchantments (not all of them!) protecting the stone. (*Apologies for the dog interruptions. They are indeed, little jerks.*) Join us next week for minutes 1:58:08 to 2:06:53! (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with the trio passing through a door to the next...
Published 03/10/21
Episode 10: (Minutes 1:37:27 to 1:48:57) This week trots us down to Hagrid’s hut after discovering the identity of Nicolas Flamel in the most ridiculous way.  We question how Malfoy is looking through the oddly decorated stained glass windows and WHY must the dragon have goo?! This chunk of minutes leads us into the dark forest and hurtling towards the end of the movie. Join us next week for minutes 1:48:57 to 1:58:08! (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Firenze saying “You’re safe now,...
Published 03/03/21
Episode 9: (Minutes 1:25:05 to 1:37:27) This week, it’s Christmas at Hogwarts! Hermione Leaves Harry and Ron with some mischievous advice and we question if the Weasley parents purposely ditched their sons for the holidays. This chunk sneaks us around the castle only to come across a Krampus-version of Dumbledore. We also debate, is the Mirror of Erised actually modified? Join us next week for minutes 1:37:27 to 1:49:02! (Scene Marker: This chunk ends with Hedwig flying over the grounds...
Published 02/24/21
Episode 8: (Minutes 1:13:44 to 1:25:05) This week flies us into our first Quidditch match at Hogwarts with a truly suspicious amount of spectators. We both wonder where all these people came from and how Harry can go from wobbly one minute to being capable of “broom surfing” the next? This chunk winds us around the Quidditch pitch with a truly odd mixture of CGI and green screen images that leaves us feeling unsettled. Join us next week for minutes 1:25:05 to 1:37:27! (Scene Marker: This...
Published 02/17/21
Episode 7: (Minutes 1:00:50 to 1:13:44) This week swings us (directly) over to the third floor corridors and into many questions we have about that area of the castle. We discuss a theory about the statue and the general dislike of the noises we experience there. This chunk runs us into some deep and disturbing questions about Fluffy, more time with our Wood crush, and our deep disgust for Quirrell as a panicky professor. Thankfully, one horrible, video-game-looking battle with a disgusting...
Published 02/10/21