The creator and co-host of the show, Adal Rifai, has died today. We honor his final wishes by playing a new version of his gameshow he created just for this podcast; hosted by his best friend and creation Puzzbot. We may also try creating some retrofitted riddles if we're feeling up to it...meaning we create riddles based purely on only having an answer. In lieu of sending flowers please consider watching Shrek or listening to Boris Pickett's "hit" "song" Monster Rap. Adal is survived by his...
Published 04/01/20
We are back to one of the most hated riddle books that we've ever used and we couldn't be happier about it! So prepared to get very angry and also learn about dog blood transfusions, high school hierarchy, offers you can't refuse, and we have a brand new Erin theme song challenge that's sure to be a fan-favorite segment. You're listening to Chicago's #1 Riddle Podcast on the Headgum network and it's #WiddleWednesday Starring: Adal Rifai John Patrick Coan Erin Keif Editing by:  Casey...
Published 03/25/20
In this weeks episode, Erin reads annoying riddles that we are all going to PRETEND WE LOVE! The crew gives their thoughts on “The Circle” and “Love is Blind” and talk about their dream reality shows. Adal and JPC are BOTH called up to Riddle Court! Two pilgrims try to get into heaven, Batman meets a new villain, and JPC makes up a new alphabet! We love #WiddleWednesdays! Starring: Adal Rifai John Patrick Coan Erin Keif Editing by:  Casey Toney Theme by:  Arne Parrott Additional...
Published 03/18/20
We hope everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing during this global pandemic. For all of you who are stuck at home and don't have our Patreon, here is one of our favorite episodes. We hope that the show can help you take your mind off the bleak state of the world right now! Remember to wash your hands before and after listening! Also, if you want to help support the show and listen to 50+ more of these eps, you can subscribe at https://www.patreon.com/heyriddleriddle ...
Published 03/15/20
In this special FunShot episode JPC and Erin get sucked into a video game where Erin finally gets a chance to change her own past and convince her sister Molly to let her play Banjo and Kazooie! All your favorite video game characters make an appearance....sort of! Will young Erin win the day? Will teen JPC make it out alive? Will Adal find a way to not get sued by Nintendo?! Find out NOW on Hey Nintendo Cafe! #WiddleWednesday #NintendoCafe #NineTenDo65 Starring: Adal Rifai John Patrick...
Published 03/11/20
Happy Wednesday! Erin poses a modern etiquette question and we prove that ANYONE can write a Cake song. We dedicate the rest of the episode to Only Connect style riddles submitted by YOU! We also get to see if Peter Pan and Wolverine were combined and go on a date at a funeral home. If you want to send us some Only Connect style puzzles, email us at hrrpodcast@gmail.com Starring: Adal Rifai John Patrick Coan Erin Keif Editing by:  Casey Toney Theme by:  Arne Parrott Logo by:  Emily...
Published 03/04/20
This week's episode comes courtesy of Damian and their submitted Shakespearean movie quotes! And, oh, the places we go. We go to war, explore the great depths of space, audition for the best movie ever created, help a pugilist with their reputation, PLUS we meet a couple of sentient scoreboards that are sure to become fan favorites. All that and another trip to the Sandbox! Want to get YOUR riddle read on the show? Submit it to hrrpodcast@gmail.com! Happy #WiddleWednesday Starring: Adal...
Published 02/26/20
We finally answer the age old question, would you kiss your clone? Also we hear a new commercial for car keys, meet the most unexpected emotional support animal and we introduce TWO NEW SEGMENTS! Pull over to the side of the road and get ready to show your license and riddle-stration! It's Hey Riddle Riddle! #WiddleWednesday Starring: Adal Rifai John Patrick Coan Erin Keif Editing by:  Casey Toney Theme by:  Arne Parrott Logo by:  Emily Kardamis & Emmaline Morris Want...
Published 02/19/20
In honor of almost-Valentine's Day, our lovely listeners have submitted a brand new batch of our most romantic riddles: Anagrams! This episode has some of the hardest riddles that our 3 soft-headed hosts have ever attempted. Come for the anagrams, but stay for a meeting of some cereal minds, some classic musicals improvised with a brand new twist, and a return trip to Erin's Animal Corner. Oh, and we break a code without breaking a sweat that would make Alan Turing break out in hives. It's...
Published 02/12/20
Welcome back to Riddle City! Our time with PI Brick Stoneheart and Mickey Rourke is coming to a close. Will they solve the mystery? Or will the riddles slow them down too much? What happened to Marky DeMark? Will you throw your headphones across the room if Coco Cashmere shows up? All your questions will be answered(maybe) if you listen to the finale of Hey Riddle City!
Published 02/05/20
This week we start off with some special element riddles before heading into some Hink Pinks! Along the way we write a few hit country songs, figure out how to best serve a bear and get introduced to the worst (best?) Pokemon of all time! Gotta solve 'em all! It's Hey Riddle Riddle! #WiddleWednesday Starring: Adal Rifai John Patrick Coan Erin Keif Editing by:  Casey Toney Theme by:  Arne Parrott Logo by:  Emily Kardamis & Emmaline Morris Want more? Get Weekly Bonus Eps on...
Published 01/29/20
This week the Crew is aided by some riddles submitted by our loyal listeners! And they are some of the best ones we've ever done. Well, they are okay. Actually, all riddles are terrible. But we also have a meeting between some treasured literary characters, a trip to sin city, a shocking twist on the inventor of electricity, and a run-in with a criminal mastermind! And someone is getting married...Happy #WiddleWednesday Starring: Adal Rifai John Patrick Coan Erin Keif Editing...
Published 01/22/20
Episode 78 has so much to offer! We’ve got the giving tree, birds in a tree, and the return of the SANDBOX with Sandy Weisz . Adal, Erin, and JPC go on a three person date with each other to just see if it works and JPC introduces us to a new Bond villain! Don’t forget to buy your tickets to our San Francisco live show this week! Check out Sandy Weisz on twitter @pzlr or The Mystery League
Published 01/15/20
It's a new year so naturally we make the casually dumb promise to get tattoo's! We also have a vegetarian dinner party, meet the office animals, promote our new snowflake documentary and get into the KonMari method. This episode is GUARANTEED to spark joy! #WiddleWednesday Starring: Adal Rifai John Patrick Coan Erin Keif Editing by:  Casey Toney Theme by:  Arne Parrott Logo by:  Emily Kardamis & Emmaline Morris Want more? Get Weekly Bonus Eps on Patreon!
Published 01/08/20
Here is another sneak peak of some of the fun you’re missing out on over on the Patreon! We have AT LEAST 50 hours of episodes over there so check it out! Thanks for tuning in! In today's Patreon episode we explore Public Access TV by creating our own possible shows based on existing show names! It's a wild ride and we don't apologize for any of our insanity. If people enjoy this we hope to do some more! Thank you for all your support! Starring: Adal Rifai John Patrick Coan Erin...
Published 01/03/20
Another year in the books, can you believe it? Well, The Clue Crew is going to celebrate the only way we know how: with Riddles! And not just any riddles, some special riddle submissions from incredibly smart and good-looking listeners just like you! So join us as we cap 2019 and welcome 2020. Here's to 400 more years of this cursed podcast! Starring: Adal Rifai John Patrick Coan Erin Keif Editing by:  Casey Toney Theme by:  Arne Parrott Logo by:  Emily Kardamis & Emmaline...
Published 01/01/20
What better way to celebrate the Holiday season than with a clip show! While we would never claim that this is a "best of" (because the entire podcast is the worst), this is technically a best of J.P. Riddles (because everything he's done is the best). So enjoy a special Christmas story and then every clip featuring J.P. Riddles. And if you're curious, check out the earlier eps to hear much more than just the clips: Episode #5 Episode #10 Episode #23 Episode #37 Episode #46 Episode...
Published 12/25/19
We start by talking about our Chipotle orders and end with a Bond girl. All in a #Widdlewednesday! The three of us play for the bulls, Gollum tries to navigate his relationship, and we talk about a “bad word” that’s all the rage amongst Chicago youth. Don’t forget to get tickets to our San Francisco and NYC live shows! Go to headgum.com/live 
Published 12/18/19
We're gonna need a bigger Riddle!! In this episode we have shark pop, truth telling hips and the hosts decide to get ripped as a bit! Throw some chum in your ears and get ready for a bite of Hey Riddle Riddle! #WiddleWednesday
Published 12/11/19
On this week's episode, we investigate why you should never do a favor for a family member, the importance of reading all the side effects of your medication and the pitfalls of unconventional domestic travel. We also talk pets, super hero origin stories, our favorite bands and re-casts of popular tv shows. Oh, and somewhere in there we might also accidentally do a riddle or two. Enjoy your #WiddleWednesday!
Published 12/04/19
For the first time ever, we have an episode that’s safe for kids. You can listen to this on the way to Thanksgiving with your children! You’re welcome! There are pirates, penguins, and a kid friendly JP Riddles. We also have a very special sandbox featuring Sandy’s son, Ezra. THERE IS A REAL KID ON THIS EPISODE!!!! 
Published 11/27/19
It's the return of Adal Rifai's Hundie Dollie Giveaway! This game show's got everything: One hundred dollars, questions, personal info, rapping! We also get some forbidden Canadian romance stories, a dried fruit vendor connection, the fall of the NCAA and the newest and coooooolest Star Wars character! Sing along to the theme, it'll be stuck in your head for weeks!! #WiddleWednesday
Published 11/20/19
Oh HELL yeah, it's episode 69 and you KNOW your boy JPC (30 year old man) has taken over the podcast feed! Adal and Erin NEVER let me write the episode descriptions but now the BIG DOG (150 lb weakling) is off the leash! So put a tarp down because this episode is a slip and slide. We talk about filthy stuff like sex and dirty stuff like doing it! Plus we've got mouth sounds, sock hops, celebrity cameos, Taco Bell drive-thrus and unexplained rashes. Hide the kids, because this week's episode...
Published 11/13/19
It’s Wednesday and Erin is reading some listener submitted Riddles. In this episode JPC marries rich, Erin goes to hell, and some birds go to burning man. We also do an impromptu game show and the competition gets heated! Make sure you listen long enough to hear three different Nicolas Cages talk to each other. If you want to send us riddles, email us at hrrpodcast@gmail.com
Published 11/06/19
Night of the Living Dead Stop! It’s our second Halloween episode and we’re scared of how much terrifying content we packed into it! We have spooky riddles, the shocking return of J.P. Riddles, Halloween costume ideas and the answer to last years cliff hanger; WHO IS THE UGLIEST WOMAN!? Put a blood capsule in your mouth and get ready to bite down....it’s Bleh Riddle Riddle! #WiddleWednesday
Published 10/30/19