Murder on the Smokin’ Aces Express.
Published 08/04/22
Billy Porter’s directorial debut is a joyous teen rom com.
Published 08/02/22
Published 08/02/22
Bring back real voice actors!
Published 07/28/22
The animated film tries to bring together too many backstories.
Published 07/27/22
Peeling back the American dream.
Published 07/26/22
Dogs and cats, fighting together...mass hysteria!
Published 07/21/22
A movie that should’ve been uglier.
Published 07/19/22
The boring identity.
Published 07/15/22
A Sea Change.
Published 07/12/22
Axe-girlfriends rule in Thor’s latest adventure.
Published 07/07/22
Even for a kids’ movie, it’s a mess.
Published 07/05/22
Peter Strickland explores the sound of food.
Published 06/27/22
The boys are back... in space.
Published 06/24/22
A beautifully honest look at intimacy.
Published 06/23/22
A witty and barbed take on narcissism.
Published 06/21/22
It’s kill or be killed for a couple on vacation.
Published 06/16/22
Chris Evans is out of time. Again.
Published 06/14/22
Something old, something new, and the dino, Blue.
Published 06/09/22
When horror and afterschool specials collide.
Published 06/02/22
A catwalk has-been finds himself all at sea in the raucous comedy.
Published 05/26/22
A light, fun murder-mystery-musical.
Published 05/24/22
A self-aware remake of a self-aware zombie comedy.
Published 05/19/22
A playground thriller with superhero implications.
Published 05/17/22
The mom who can handle it all.
Published 05/10/22