Jett continues to roll, Dangerboy gets a Moto win and plenty more from NorCal.
Published 06/07/23
Published 06/07/23
The Motocross series has kicked off and there was plenty to talk about from both classes.
Published 05/29/23
The end of the Supercross series has come and the champions were crowned. The SLC finale was merely a formality after the insanity in Denver but lets put a bow on it all, shall we?
Published 05/19/23
Wow, what a night in Denver. A champ is crowned and another would-be champ goes down in brutal style.
Published 05/10/23
A day race, an unpredictable track, champion crowned and some unfortunate injuries.
Published 05/01/23
Not exactly a mudder but definitely a wet one with a lengthy delay and a first time winner. It's JERSEY!
Published 04/25/23
Pretty cool track, lots of action on the weekend and one points race gets a little bit tighter.
Published 04/16/23
Wrapping up the action from last week and some conjecture on what's to come.
Published 04/03/23
Chase Sexton wins in Detroit but so does Aaron Plessinger...Sounds weird right? What a race!
Published 03/21/23
Kickstart Kenny won a 450 SX race on the RM ARMY!. What a night of racing.
Published 03/15/23
It's the most unique round on the SMX calendar and it did not disappoint!
Published 03/07/23
Another Triple Crown and the action is just as wild as the first Triple Crown we ever experienced. Cool format and another W for Cooper Webb.
Published 02/28/23
Chase Sexton let another win slip through his fingers in Oakland and Jett Lawrence was patient and secured another win.
Published 02/19/23
The series heads east for some fresh faces in both classes. The great racing action continues!
Published 02/06/23
The first of the Triple Crowns has landed and if you thought the injuries during the week were a shock, the action from the race was just bonkers.
Published 01/29/23
We raced at round tw--err three? Whatever it was, it was a night of action, some big get off's and two repeat winners. Lots to talk about from San Diego.
Published 01/23/23
Wild weather in California pushed the series promoters to do something wild as well.
Published 01/16/23
What a season kickoff! Eli went down and still charged back to dominate the race. So much more happened, let's get into it.
Published 01/09/23
Happy New Year! The 2023 SX Series is about to get kicked off and it will be all out action starting next Saturday night. Let's wrap up the off season with your questions.
Published 01/02/23
Team budget dynamics, pre-season training methods, and brand offering expansion Q&A.
Published 12/19/22
We have more listener questions to get to and a little bit of current events talk.
Published 12/11/22
That's right, this month we call an off season doesn't mean we get to rest, it's question and answer time.
Published 11/27/22
We had some big names in the Paris SX this year, let's get into how it all played out.
Published 11/13/22
You didn't think we were gonna get lazy did you? Let's hit some listener questions today.
Published 10/30/22