Million Dollar Lover – Ep 3: The Fight
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Carolyn is facing mounting opposition to her relationship with Dave, who is 23 years younger than her and a world away in terms of wealth and lifestyle. She is being forced to make the most difficult choice possible: between her daughters and her new lover. The situation becomes so heated that it finally erupts into violence. Opposition to Dave makes Carolyn more determined to support him and she decides to take back control of her finances from her daughters. They fear she is showing signs of mental incapacity and want her to agree to be tested, but Carolyn is digging her heels in and is adamant that she can make her own decisions The situation is escalating really quickly, with her daughters are increasingly on the side-lines - powerless to act. They have huge concerns about Dave, who has a long criminal record and was homeless and addicted to the drug, Crystal Meth. They cannot get their Mum to listen and as long as she says she is happy, there appears to be nothing that they can do. Million Dollar Lover is an unlikely love story, recorded over a year as the relationship unfolds between Carolyn, who is 80 and has a valuable property portfolio, and Dave, 57, who arrives in the idyllic Californian resort of Cayucos by chance and quickly decides to make it his home New episodes will be released on Thursday, wherever you get your podcasts. If you’re in the UK, listen to the latest full series of Intrigue first on BBC Sounds. Million Dollar Lover is produced at BBC Audio by the team behind The Boy in the Woods and is presented by Sue Mitchell. The series is scripted by Winifred Robinson; the producers are Sue Mitchell and Joel Moors; the dramaturg is Flo Dessau and sound design is by Tom Brignall.
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In this last programme of the series, the community of Cayucos is watching on and wondering how things will develop. Is there a way to handle a situation like this, where homelessness and wealth collide. Where a damaged man and a frail older woman come together to share a life? The unusual...
Published 12/21/23
Published 12/21/23
With Carolyn’s daughters powerless to act, it looks like Dave might be on the brink of a receiving a small fortune from his 80 year old lover, Carolyn. She has promised to take care of him and says that he is the best thing to happen in her life. Her daughters do not believe she is in her right...
Published 12/21/23