The Story Of Barsisa: The Renegade
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We relate a story of a pious man who was tricked by Satan and made him commit few major sins. The Shaitan later deceived this monk into committing Kufr, He was, what you call, a monk but he was a true Christian, who believed in the oneness of god.
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It doesn't take much to realize how blessed we are as Muslims. Allah SWT has allowed us to have a direct and open relationship with Him 24/7, with absolutely no middle-man in between. As Muslims, we have two main ways of communicating with Allah SWT. The first way is through our five daily...
Published 03/28/24
Published 03/28/24
To Heraclius the Arabs were a backward people living in a desert wasteland. The Arabs he knew were an unsophisticated lot in constant conflict with each other, just barely eking out an existence under the unforgiving desert sun. The Arabs were not a military threat let alone a military power they...
Published 03/21/24