Published 12/03/23
Scott Horton joins us to discuss the relations between the Palestinian Authority, the occupying Israeli government, and American leadership, giving us insight into the occupation of Palestine.
Published 12/03/23
Ryan Grim discusses his new book on the secret history of the Squad.
Published 11/26/23
We’re joined by Abby Martin to discuss the ongoing genocide in Palestine.
Published 11/19/23
Krystal and Kyle recap the third debate for Republican presidential hopefuls.
Published 11/11/23
Omar Baddar joins us for an in-depth discussion of Israel’s siege on Gaza, the international response, and growing grassroots organizing to call for a ceasefire.
Published 11/04/23
We talk about Western media’s complicity in Israel’s war on Palestine with guest Adam Johnson.
Published 10/29/23
TYT founder and host Cenk Uygur joins us to discuss his recently-announced bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.
Published 10/21/23
With our guest GoodPoliticGuy, we discuss the latest updates on Israel’s war on Palestine.
Published 10/14/23
Nina Turner joins us to discuss building labor power through We Are Somebody, a new organization to support striking workers.
Published 10/07/23
Krystal and Kyle break down the second Republican debate.
Published 09/30/23
Activist and writer Naomi Klein joins us to discuss her new book on conspiracy culture.
Published 09/24/23
We talk to political commentator and author Andrew Yang about his latest book, The Last Election — and how political-thriller fiction might offer prescient insight into the precarity of American democracy.
Published 09/16/23
Briahna Joy Gray joins us to discuss the potential of third parties in the American political landscape.
Published 09/10/23
Writer Sohrab Ahmari joins us for a debate: Can left and right populists unite?
Published 09/03/23
A special in-depth analysis of the first Republican debate.
Published 08/26/23
Historian Matt Karp joins us to discuss the midterms and what they tell us about class dealignment in the United States.
Published 08/19/23
Journalist Michael Tracey joins us for a debate over the Trump indictments.
Published 08/12/23
Writer Freddie deBoer joins us to discuss his critique of AOC’s political journey and the fate of the Bernie movement.
Published 08/05/23
YouTubers Sitch and Adam are back on the podcast for a debate: who’s more authoritarian, the woke or the anti-woke?
Published 07/29/23
We talk to The Vanguard hosts Zac & Gavin about their predictions for the 2024 presidential election.
Published 07/22/23
Representative Ro Khanna joins us to talk about Biden's approach to student debt relief, progressives' endorsement of Biden, and more.
Published 07/15/23
Dr. Wilson of Debunk the Funk joins the show to discuss vaccine conspiracy theories from a scientific perspective.
Published 07/08/23
Libertarian presidential candidate Mike ter Maat joins us for a debate.
Published 07/01/23
Federalist writer and Counterpoints host Emily Jashinsky joins us for a debate on recent anti-trans laws, Trump’s indictment, and more.
Published 06/24/23