In 2015, Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, raised Gravity’s minimum yearly salary to $70k — and lowered his own salary to $70k from over a million dollars. In this week’s episode of Krystal Kyle & Friends, we talk to Dan about this choice, from its catalyst to its effects.
Published 07/24/21
This week, we were lucky enough to invite Briahna Joy Gray, host of Bad Faith podcast and Current Affairs contributing editor,  onto the show to talk about exploiting the cracks in the Democratic establishment.
Published 07/17/21
This week's guest is Ismail Ali of MAPS [Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies], who tells us about the hidden history of drug criminalization.
Published 07/10/21
This week, we were honored to hold a discussion with Gabriel and John Shipton, the brother and father of American hero Julian Assange. As we mention in our conversation, the violations of First Amendment rights and basic human rights that led to Assange’s incarceration have an impact on all of us.
Published 07/04/21
Hasan Piker — you know him as HasanAbi, the wildly popular leftist Twitch streamer and commentator — joined us for this week’s episode of Krystal Kyle & Friends.
Published 06/26/21
We brought David and Margaret Talbot onto the show to talk about their work unearthing and portraying leftist history.
Published 06/19/21
This week, we talked to Pete Davis, author of Dedication: The Case for Commitment. How well are we serving ourselves and our world by refusing to stand by what we believe in? And when there’s room for us to commit ourselves to these projects, how can we make the leap?
Published 06/12/21
We’re honored to be joined by political activist and actress Rose McGowan for this week’s episode, discussing the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party, the culture of fear and violence in Hollywood, and the solidarity of the ruling class — from the CIA to the media.
Published 06/05/21
In a special crossover episode of Krystal Kyle & Friends and Saagar’s podcast The Realignment, Krystal and Saagar reveal why they left The Hill and what they are planning moving forward.
Published 06/01/21
Vaush joins us on the show to discuss how leftists should regard the Biden presidency, the legacy of Bernie or Bust, supporting Palestine, and more.
Published 05/29/21
As continued Israeli violence against Palestinians led to a Palestinian general strike, we had the opportunity to speak with Abby Martin about mainstream coverage of the apartheid — and about how Israel, aided by the U.S.’s imperialist interests, has controlled the narrative.
Published 05/22/21
Rania Khalek gave us her insight into Israel’s current ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, taking us through the past history of the Israeli occupation and the conditions of Israeli military rule.
Published 05/15/21
We speak to author and anthropologist James Suzman about his compelling and thorough history of work, beginning at the dawn of the Stone Age and moving forward to an analysis of current labor conditions in our capitalist society.
Published 05/08/21
It was an honor to be joined this week by Dr. Cornel West, celebrated author, philosopher, and professor, for a conversation about Dr. West’s political activism and personal journey.
Published 05/01/21
Prominent Marxian economist and author Richard Wolff joins us on the show to discuss Modern Monetary Theory, how the Biden admin is measuring up to expectations, and even more.
Published 04/24/21
Author and longtime Steelworkers labor lawyer Dan Kovalik joined us on KK&F this week to talk cancel culture. Why does cancel culture matter? When should people be “cancelled,” and when is cancellation harmful to the left’s political goals?
Published 04/17/21
This week’s guest on KK&F is Christopher Ryan, an author and researcher on human sexuality. If you’re not familiar with his book Sex at Dawn, we hope you’ll enjoy watching our conversation with him, covering everything from the personal — are our...
Published 04/10/21
This week, our friend June Lapine (you know her as Shoe0nHead) tells us about her political journey and radicalization among the online left, her personal journey as an online content creator, and why she’s glad she went for Bernie in 2016 — among many...
Published 04/03/21
We sat down with Andrew Yang this week and dug into the million-dollar questions about his advocacy for a UBI and how that fight has changed in the last year, his stance on Medicare for All, his thoughts on the NYC political landscape, and more.
Published 03/27/21
We talk to Matt Taibbi, cohost of Useful Idiots,  whose journalistic work has covered presidential campaigns from an outsider perspective, revealed the corporate evil at the heart of the 2008 financial crisis, and more.
Published 03/20/21
This week’s episode of Krystal Kyle & Friends, featuring journalist and author John Nichols, turns to the history of American progressivism in order to understand how the left can analyze its opportunities in a Biden presidency and strategize to...
Published 03/13/21
In this week’s conversation with Dr. Carl Hart, we dig into the topics of the U.S.’s racist and dysfunctional criminal justice system, the importance of personal freedoms, and the struggle to legalize drug usage.
Published 03/06/21
Episode 9 of Krystal Kyle & Friends focuses on Dylan Ratigan’s critiques of money in politics, but in order to understand how Dylan became a populist who “flew under the radar” at institutions like MSNBC, we were also eager to hear about his...
Published 02/27/21
For our eighth episode, we spoke with Glenn Greenwald, co-founder of The Intercept and current author of the Glenn Greenwald Substack, to discuss his political work and his philosophical roots.
Published 02/20/21
We discuss the impeachment proceedings and the confirmation hearing of Neera Tanden, as well as our own political journeys.
Published 02/13/21