Published 08/13/22
Former Minnesota governor and pro wrestler Jesse Ventura joins us to discuss his journey as an antiwar advocate and a supporter of third-party politics.
Published 08/13/22
With guests Sitch and Adam of the Sitch & Adam Show, we take a comprehensive look at Alex Jones’s trial proceedings.
Published 08/06/22
This week's guest is David Dayen, executive editor of the Prospect. He takes us through the shocking developments behind this week's Manchin-Schumer deal.
Published 07/30/22
This week’s guests, Zac and Gavin of The Vanguard, talk to us about building an independent media platform, plus the best (and worst) potential candidates for 2024.
Published 07/23/22
We’re joined by historian Gary Gerstle to discuss whether we’ve reached the end of neoliberalism.
Published 07/16/22
Kyle is joined by psychologist and political commentator Jordan Peterson for a back-and-forth on everything from Twitter controversies to Trump, economics, liberal versus conservative mindsets, and more.
Published 07/09/22
Pascal Robert, co-host of This Is Revolution podcast, joins us for a conversation about the overturn of Roe v. Wade.
Published 07/02/22
Author and journalist Branko Marcetic joins us to discuss online censorship of left-wing and independent media.
Published 06/25/22
The Humanist Report host talks to us about coming out, his experiences in left media, and the current wave of anti-trans and anti-gay legislation in the U.S.
Published 06/18/22
This week’s guest, journalist David Wallace-Wells, talks with us about why climate change isn’t being treated as the central issue that it is — and what’s at stake.
Published 06/11/22
We’re joined by author and journalist Toby Muse to discuss the Colombian presidential election.
Published 06/04/22
We’re joined by Mac (who you know as GoodPoliticGuy) to discuss current events, specifically the shooting in Uvalde, TX and the ways to address American gun violence.
Published 05/28/22
We’re joined by Doug Henwood, economic journalist and analyst, to discuss the crypto crash of just a few weeks ago.
Published 05/21/22
Historian and author Harvey Kaye and Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America Alan Minsky weigh in on how Democrats prioritize struggles for economic justice — and what those priorities should look like.
Published 05/14/22
In this episode, we discuss the recent leak of a draft from the Supreme Court that would strike down Roe v. Wade. We also speak with our guest, Ari Rabin-Havt, who worked as the deputy campaign manager of Bernie 2020, about his new book's inside look at the campaign.
Published 05/07/22
We’re joined by activist and author Marianne Williamson to discuss Nina Turner’s run for Congress, the future of the Democratic Party, and more.
Published 04/30/22
Nina Turner rejoins the podcast to discuss her current run for Congress, how this race is different from the last, and how she’ll bring the progressive fight to the halls of Congress.
Published 04/16/22
We talk to author and organizer Daisy Pitkin about union organizing at Amazon, Starbucks, and beyond.
Published 04/09/22
With Paul’s Ego of Deep Fat Fried, we dive into the topics of class reductionism, voting for the lesser of two evils, how leftist politicians can avoid the pressure of the status quo, and more.
Published 04/02/22
We talk to Amy Vilela about her progressive campaign for Nevada’s First District.
Published 03/26/22
Amazon union organizer Christian Smalls discusses his experience working at Amazon, how left politicians are showing up for workers, what’s next for unionizing efforts, and more.
Published 03/19/22
Dr. Trita Parsi discusses why this moment demands that the U.S. disentangle itself from hawkish, war-bent alliances, how the situation in Ukraine relates to Middle Eastern politics, and more.
Published 03/12/22
Foreign policy advisor Matt Duss joins us to discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, why the Left shouldn’t be calling for sanctions, and more.
Published 03/05/22
Author Catherine Liu joins us to talk about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the political role of the professional-managerial class.
Published 02/26/22